“If anyone touches that house I will break their hands.” A housing project for the homeless has been launched in Pilsen

A wooden building without a foundation, less than nine square meters, the size of a small kiosk. “Anyone touch that house and I will break their hands,” however, fifty-five-year-old Stanislava would not be allowed inside her home. Antonin, a foreigner who has lived in Pilsen for more than twenty years, nods her boyfriend fifteen years younger: “Before that, we lived under the bridge for a few months. Now we have a place to sleep, we have a job here, we have peace. And we admire the house. Everything is so beautiful here. having.’

Everything, it was a narrow double bed, clean duvets, a chemical toilet downstairs, two chairs, several cupboards, a solar panel powered lamp, a water bottle, a window, a post box by the door. And a joint photo in the frame. Rain? It is not, for this luxury it is necessary to go to some social service facility. Is it hot? not that. “It’s isolated, we won’t be cold,” believes Antonin.

They depend on it

The mentioned Christian organization is behind this project. “The work lasted about three months,” recalls Martin Hruska, director of the association. “We manufactured and painted the parts in a garage near Radbusa and assembled them on site with the help of Stana and Donda,” he says.

Photo: Ivan Blazek

We are at home. Stana and Donda move into a house in Pilsen’s parking lot.

There are about four hundred homeless people in Pilsen, why did these two have a chance? “We put emphasis on trusting the customers and we checked that they did not play during the construction. The vision of the housing to comply with the established rules is a big attraction for them, there are no large sizes during the works,” Hruska points out. And they hope it won’t happen in the future either. If there is – there is a smoke detector inside, a fire extinguisher. And the house is insured. However, Antonin does not accept any crisis option: “I want to stay here as long as possible.”

The parking lot serves as a warehouse for unmarked cars and wrecks towed from Pilsen parking lots. “If something happens around the cars, the couple has a cell phone so they can call the city police,” explains Ondj Senek (TOP 09), deputy mayor of the third city district. “They will maintain cleanliness in the immediate vicinity, and we will also give them the opportunity to earn extra money by cleaning elsewhere,” adds Ženíšek.

Another chance

The cost of the house was eighty thousand and a grant of four lakhs from the city helped equip the workshop and start the entire pilot project. “I hope it will be successful and we will continue to support this association,” says Pilsen councilor Svetlana Budkova (STAN).

Sisu has already announced a public fundraiser for another house on the Tonio portal. “He may even stand this year. Here again, or on land we negotiate with the Franciscans,” Hruska believes.

In the mentioned district – near the Česká údolí dam in Scotland – four more homeless people received temporary housing this year. “We provided three cells in the previous car parking area to a couple and two individual applicants maintained by the K srdci association,” says Ženíšek. “First they had sanitary facilities, they have been replaced. They will put them in order, we will provide them with material and tools, and we expect them to take care of the green at the nearby disc golf course in the future,” concludes Ženíšek.

The killing of a woman in Pilsen has shocked the local homeless population. A policeman is present at the scene of the crime


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