I prefer school to alcohol. A hundred students demonstrated against the government in front of Rudolfinum

“The government has long been indifferent to our future, ignoring the issues that bother us and only using us as an argument to justify its own policies,” the students said in their statement.

According to them, the government does not pay attention to the poor situation of students, the growing differences between Prague and the regions, the financing of education, the climate and energy crisis, the segregation of Roma students or the equal rights of LGBT+ people.

Photo: Roman Vondreuz, CTK

You can’t cut the student protest future

“The government promises reforms but offers stark cuts. If the government doesn’t open up these topics too, we don’t want to do anything about it,” they said.

According to them, the government should reflect the social situation of the youth and other groups and solve the complex and complex issues of the current situation.

The protesting students carried placards with slogans such as ‘Stop the cuts’ or ‘Better school than alcohol’, which appeared to indicate an increase in excise duty on alcohol. A representative of the protesting students said they wanted to build a student base and develop the idea of ​​a dignified future.

Poaching of winemakers is disgusting, says head of Claude Union


On Thursday, May 11, the government presented the austerity package. It contains 58 measures that, according to Prime Minister Petr Fiala (ODS), will reduce next year’s state budget deficit by 94 billion crowns. In the following year, this should total 53.4 billion crowns. The government is going to increase corporate income tax, excise duty on tobacco and alcohol, tax on gambling and real estate. He wants to reintroduce health insurance for employees and raise taxes for the self-employed. Savings, mainly the reduction of state subsidies, are intended to reduce the deficit of public funds.

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