“I have a position.” Chernokova explained her behavior to journalists. Attacks on her and Pekarova are medieval

Danuš Nerudová and Petr Honzejko’s podcast focuses on the topic of why women have a hard time in society and in the public space and how to overcome it. However, Minister Černochová introduced the audience as “a woman who has no problem asserting herself in a male space” by the moderators. “Sometimes the guys around her seem to have a problem,” Honzejk pointed out.

As one of two ministers in the current government, Chernokova said she feels more comfortable as a woman in Fiel’s cabinet because they treat her well there. “Our colleagues, the ministers, the prime minister are people who have not shown us in any way that they do not value our insights into the government’s agenda,” Chernochova said.

She feels “that she is perceived” in society, and not always positively. “This can be a problem in society because there are not many women who are ready to fully commit themselves to high-level politics, like Mrs. Langchatloa and myself,” she said. And she believes that these posts can “inspire many women” to be unafraid: “Women like us and women like Mrs. Nerutova should be an example to other women, so that they are not afraid and take risks in the community. Politics or at the level of the Chamber of Representatives, and then after many years they also Maybe in very high positions,” Chernochova revealed.

Nerudova nodded to his words and added her knowledge that women were not treated as kindly in the Andrzej Babis government as in Petr Fiala’s government: “Under the leadership of the Prime Minister, I have no doubts about the environment. The government is completely different from what women experienced in the Andrzej Babis government. Undoubtedly, the political culture is different than it was.” There is somewhere,” said the failed presidential candidate.

“Do you get a lens in politics from men who look down on you because you’re a woman?” Honchejk was surprised.

“Not in the ODS, I think not even in the parties of the ruling coalition. But lately I have the feeling that we have returned to the middle of nowhere in the House of Representatives. Attacks on me or Markétka Pekarová and other women, especially from members of the SPD movement, are really disgusting. In the two election periods before this, such I must say that I have never come across an incident in the House of Representatives,” the Defense Minister noted.

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“As aggression is increasing in society as a whole, the men of the SPD think they can foment this aggression on women,” she noted, referring to various insults directed at her and Pekarova Adamova from SPD leader Tomio Okamura. “It’s not even chauvinism, it’s the disgusting things that come out of the mouths of representatives of this state, public officials, in the General Assembly,” Černochová said.

In such a situation, he expects support from his colleagues. “Of course, we expect our male counterparts here to get on the microphone and stand up for us, and sometimes we stand up for each other, and sometimes our men stand up for us,” she said.

To this, Nerutova praised Chernochova as “defending her person”. “I have to say I read some of your lines and I think it’s better to stand up for yourself than for men to stand up for you because you gave the commenters a reason, I have to say,” she said. Černochová appreciated that he was coming off injury and that he didn’t go too far to “counter-strike”.

Among others, there was an example when Černochová was “sexualized” by journalists from Echo24 – she called them a “bunch of wasted incompetents”. “Sometimes they have no choice but to use similarly crude rhetoric in their rhetoric, which will alert those people that something like this is not normal. Letting it all run like a teflon pan will increase those people’s aggression. Saying there’s a red line that shouldn’t be crossed can at least live in public for a while, and some “Sometimes other people may feel that someone has been discriminated against in such and such a way. It can disturb us,” said Karupu.

And he continued: “And then we’re forced to use a vocabulary that’s completely outside the usual vocabulary, but when things actually happen that make you physically ill, it makes you sick to your stomach to look at the advice of an unnamed weekly, and you think, oh my God, these are the people who are supposed to set the social trend, the social standard. There should be educated people, they are journalists, from the media, they behave like the biggest bullies and racists out there,” said the Minister of Defense.

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Commentators in the Weekly Echo criticized Chernochova for the controversy surrounding Olympic champion David Svoboda’s statements about Russian athletes. Among other things, the politician responded that they were “narcissistic pigs” and that headmaster Dalibor Balcinek “apparently suffers from an obsession with her”.

The Minister adds that the purpose of their sharp words is to surprise those people. “Something unusual is happening. I am a certain age, I am 50 years old this year, I am a certain age, I have a position, they are journalists,” Ernochova frowned, saying that she was not going to tolerate their verbal abuse towards her. “From Balcinek “This is the third or fourth tweet about me, that’s why I mentioned harassment. The person fell asleep and woke up here with my photo,” she said, throwing up her hands. She says she doesn’t regret her words about “fed impotents.”

He linked the war in Ukraine to the context of “aggressive behavior”. “Overall, I feel that the war in Ukraine has simply changed the way a lot of people think and express themselves. I’m disappointed and surprised by that. It started a little bit with Covid, when some people I know had problems with getting vaccinated against Covid, today they have problems with our help in support of Ukraine. Those who are, I will put almost equally there, I have no one who deviates from this opinion . With increasing aggression in society, their possible values ​​​​have changed, for example, with a person with whom I recently went to coffee, with whom we had things in common, so today I feel that those people are completely somewhere else. It often happens with Echo, they moved somewhere else, to the extreme,” Chernokova sighed.

Honchej noted that what was happening “with the men around her” spoke of Chernochova’s “heroism”: “With your permission I made a list: Deputy Tomas Kopecny left, Air Force Commander General Mikulenka left, Chief of Military Police Odkar Folten disappeared, Chief of General Staff Karel Řehka Considered resigning, according to iRuzhlas.cz you want him to leave the central military hospital Miroslav Zaoral. This is a decent list, is this some kind of female fight?” asked the Minister of Defense.

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“No. That’s the way the Department of Defense works, you have tens of thousands of people in service or employment relationships, and somebody’s contract ends like Mr. General Mikulenka. It’s not about some black woman — he will terminate, he won’t. These things are with the Secretary of State and the Chief of Staff. are happening. I am very sorry that Otakar Foltýn left, he knows how the army works, I thought it would work well, we disagreed on an issue, when I learned from journalists, not from him, he did not suspend the head of the military inspection after his accusations, ” He explained.

She responded to the articles about the fact that Chernochova was worried about the fact that she had to leave Folton because of a love affair at work and was jealous of him: “If I have to read information from newspapers about who I am. Jealousy and who I love, I will not do anything about it at work. It is definitely clean. “Nonsense, it’s not true, it seems very ridiculous to me, I have no envy,” said the minister.

And here there are “psychological operations that hit sensitive places”, and this case is one of them, which is difficult to disprove.

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