I am an undercover policeman, explained the worker in Jisin why he did not go to work. He gained confidence and then disappeared with the goods

Currently, the accused joined a company in Jisin as a handler in January, but after about a fortnight they terminated his employment due to irregular attendance.

The former employee immediately contacted management and said that although he had joined as an employee, he was actually an undercover police officer tasked with pursuing a case at the company.

“He should have arranged a meeting with the company employee in front of the police building, where he introduced the whole case. Also, he should have agreed to put a listening device and GPS modules on the goods the company processes and transports,” police spokeswoman Eliska Pospisilova said about the case on Tuesday. He said.

A car thief impersonates his innocent twin


The man inspired confidence and finally came with a van, the company loaded with goods worth almost 40 thousand crowns, he promised to return the goods before the end of the shift. But the bogus criminal disappeared forever, and the company turned to the police, where they knew of no such person.

Police finally caught the suspect, meanwhile, according to investigators, he managed to steal a shed with construction and garden equipment on unprotected land at the end of March, causing more than 100,000 crowns in damage.

Criminal investigators have charged the man with fraud in addition to theft. “He committed this theft despite a statutory suspended sentence for the same offense last year. Now he is serving five years in jail,” the spokesperson added.

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