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Henceforth, Army Medical Commissions can be created in State and Communal Health Institutions.

The Verkhovna Rada adopted a law that expands the network of medical facilities where veterans can receive treatment and send military medical commissions (MMC).

Now VLK, which had problems before the army, can be created not only in the hospitals of the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Defense Service of Ukraine, but also in ordinary state and communal healthcare institutions.

The purpose of the document is to simplify the procedure for implementing the decisions of the VLK on granting leave for treatment due to illness and unfitness for military service.

Nardepka Natalia Biba explainedWhat is the significance of such a decision for the Army?

“Stand in line to pass the VLK and not lose consciousness. … The corridors of institutions where military personnel undergo medical examination resemble a living platform. Here everyone is forced to wait for their turn: military personnel after injuries and treatment, reservists , forced and forced. And passing VLK for the first time is not true.

The reason is very simple – lack of staff and premises … Therefore, VLK can be created not only in regional procurement centers and support centers, but also on the basis of state and communal health institutions. Accordingly, queues should become shorter,” explained the parliamentarian.

People’s companion from “Golos” Yaroslav Zelesnyak MentionedThe law supports an amendment that, where it is not possible to send documents in electronic form, the duty to send documents in paper form will be assigned to the health institution or TCC.

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We will remind you that independent military medical commissions will be created in Ukraine.

Earlier, the defense ministry said that the injured soldiers would be posted to other posts.

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