How Drones Got There – Ukraine

The Russians often change the trajectories of UAVs.

Russian tonight Drones Shahad attacked the Lviv region. Drones fly so far because currently Ukraine does not have enough air defense systems to cover the entire territory.

This was said by military expert Pavlo Narosni said Commentary on RBC-Ukraine.

“What can Shahed shoot down? It can be shot down by expensive systems like Patriot, IRIS-T or Soviet S-300 system. But it is very expensive. At the same time, most drones are shot down with manpads. Stinger, “Ikla”, as well as mounted on jeeps. Machine guns, they are fired by Gepard anti-aircraft guns, but it is impossible to cover the entire territory of Ukraine,” Narosny explains.

Mobile fire crews move along routes they believe drones might fly. However, the Russians are constantly changing these routes. For example, they use riverbeds where jeeps cannot enter

“Furthermore, they use areas where they have noticed a lack of air defense or the agency can send them information. Taking all this into account, they are looking for ways that drones can move. In addition, due to the range of these drones, from a technical point of view, the entire region of Ukraine is at risk of such strikes, because the Russians are from Crimea and from other directions. “They are launching ‘Shakedi’,” says the expert.

According to him, the Russians will be able to attack various infrastructures in the Lviv region. In particular, these are production facilities, electric transport systems.

“For example, these same gas storage facilities are clearly covered by some anti-aircraft defense systems. They attack it, and the next day they can already attack some power generation nodes. We, for our part, cannot remove the air defense systems. From the gas storage area, we move them to some areas in front. Change,” says Narosni.

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Expert emphasizes: Russians ensure that all Ukrainian air defense equipment is in place and cannot be transferred to another area where the invaders are more numerous.

Reportedly, at night Explosions occurred in the Lviv region. The area was hit by drones. Air defense forces destroyed five drones.

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