He will not be taxed as he was before the super gross salary collapsed, Fiala revealed

The super-gross salary and dream tax on personal income were jointly proposed by parliamentarians from the then-ruling ANO and opposition parties ODS and SPD during the last election.

Last year, due to the crisis, we reduced the tax by 30 billion, and in the fifth year, the total tax was reduced by about 30 billion, the Prime Minister announced. According to him, the impact of the government’s controversial package will also be a nightmare for millions of people.

Fiala says that even if the government doesn’t push its bird line further, it won’t succeed in the case of the previous two.

A bloody compromise, House of Representatives Deputy Speaker Skopjek said, is that ODS will bear the cost.

Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives for ODS Jan Skopeek delivered a critical speech. “I can’t be fooled by the growth of the line in the package,” Skopje declared.

He declared the government’s controversial package a bloody compromise, with ODS bearing the cost. However, according to him, Parliament has no better option than the Constellation, so he also favors the government package.

ODS agreed with coalition partners on a package of no more than fifty measures to help reduce the structural budget deficit. In addition to the social contribution tax for the disabled, this includes an increase in income tax on first-time individuals from 19 to 21 percent. They will gradually increase the withdrawal fund for levies from a quarter of the average salary to 40 percent – 5 percentage points a year, bringing the maximum withdrawal fund to the level of the minimum wage. 2 VAT rates, 12 and 21 percent only.

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Finance Minister Stanjura says single rate of VAT cannot be implemented

One is better than two, two is better than you, said Finance Minister Zbynk Stanjura. According to him, a single VAT rate is politically unfeasible.

Someone else would propose a different mix of measures, he called a conference of ideas of the ODS.

Critics now accuse the ruling party of not promising to raise taxes before the election. A year after the government was formed, the government had to deal with the consequences of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, including a sharp rise in energy prices, which Prime Minister and ODS leader Petr Fiala did not deny in an interview with iDNES.cz. An increase in some taxes, but no increase in total taxes.

At the party’s conference of ideas, Prime Minister and ODS leader Petr Fiala declared Czech energy and security, development of the transport system, reduction of bureaucracy and long-term reform as future priorities.

On the side, he raised the slogan “D Muketr”.

f Sentu Milo Vystril spoke about the need for party unity and recalled the motto of one for all, one for all, with a reference to Alexandre Dumas’ famous book Ti muketi.

The Opant Democratic Party is going to discuss the party’s plan at the conference, subtitled Project Future. Let the experts appear on the sidelines and talk about what ODS wants to deliver to voters in five years. For five years now, we have held elections for the European Parliament, regional councils and the Senate, Fiala recalled on Saturday.

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