Ganja Prisoner Dvořák again begs for mercy

“I received a message from the fortress that the request for mercy for me and three other prisoners was handed over to the Ministry of Justice, because the decision of President Zeman is still valid, even though I wrote that this decision excludes mercy for the immortals. We have not harmed or harmed anyone,” Dvořák said in the letter.

For Dušan Dvořák, we also granted a social guarantee to the former president against last year’s request.

Martin Tintos, Legal Representative

Minister Pavel Blažek (ODS), who rejected the request last year, put the document back on the table. Now he said he wants to pass the agenda to the new president. It is still unclear who will ultimately handle the case.

“The power to implement pardons transferred to the Master of Justice remains de facto. The length of the relevant proceedings, the complexity of the necessary investigation, the collection of all files, documents and supporting reports and cannot be determined in advance,” Václav Pelikán, director of the Law and Legal Department, said in a statement. Office of the President.

The ganja activist served more than half of his six-year sentence. But he is in jail


In this context, Law also contacted Dvořák’s legal representative, Martin Tintoš, who submitted a clemency request on behalf of the initiative of the European Association of Investors in Natural and Social Science Research. He remains in regular telephone contact with Dvorak.

“For Dusan Dvorak, we also granted social guarantee to the former president against last year’s request. He has already served enough time and he can be very useful to society in drug addiction and various lectures so that people don’t go to jail,” Tintos said. “We gave a social guarantee, we will hire him, we will give him the post of legal assistant,” he added.

Last year the ministry took about four months to decide on the amnesty. The activist is in prison in Rabotis for repeated cultivation of cannabis in Ospelo, Prostejovsk. He was first given probation, and then in 2019, a court sent him to prison for three years, for breaking the law while on probation, and his probation changed to another three years behind bars.

Dvořák has wide support from various experts. A letter calling for a fair review of his case was signed, for example, by narcotics expert Ivan Dauda, ​​associate professor Lumir Hanush from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and photographer Jindrich Streit. Non-governmental organizations Sananim and Drop-in also supported him.

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