FSB agents exposed in Odessa – SBU detains deputy from Crimea

As a result of a multi-stage special operation, the SBU detained the organizer of the espionage network in Odessa. He became a local resident, an assistant to one of the representatives of Konstantin Malchikov in the so-called “Crimean Parliament”.

The Odessa resident periodically visited Crimea, where he has an entertainment base, and on one of these trips, he was recruited by FSB staff officer Kostyantin Shilov.

After the full-scale invasion, the agent collected data on the locations of security agencies in the Odessa region. He also studied the locations of Ukrainian military bases and “drained” the results of enemy attacks.

The traitor created an anonymous Telegram chat and attracted “like-minded people” who sent him information about military equipment. The spy sent this data to the Russians through anonymous messengers and drafts in electronic boxes of the Russian postal services.

The agent was charged with suspicion under Part 2 of Art. 111 of the Penal Code (Sedition). The court chose a preventive measure for him in custody.

In addition, the SBU exposed another member of the FSB intelligence network. He is the pro-Kremlin blogger Oleksandr Sinitsyn, who has been hiding in Ryazan, Russia since 2014.

Previously, he was a freelance correspondent for the propaganda TV channels Russia Today and the media group Rosbusinessconsulting. On the air, he spread fakes and supported the occupation of Crimea.

After fleeing to Russia, the blogger created the Telegram channel “Typova Odesa”, where he continued to spread destructive content. The propagandist received information from the Odessa agent and produced provocative publications.

The pro-Kremlin blogger was charged under Art. 436-2 of the Civil Code.

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Photo: SBU exposed FSB agents in Odesa (ssu.gov.ua)

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