Four people died and dozens were injured when the trains collided in Burdubice

A passenger and freight train collided in Burdubisil. Firefighters, firefighters and police are at the scene. One of the cars was severely damaged, according to Bartubis Governor Martin Nedoliki. Trains are running late due to gridlock across the railway line.

“At 10:53 pm, there was a serious accident between two trains near New Burdubice – Center stop. Train RJ 1021 RegioJet and freight train. One car was badly damaged. They affect all elements of IZS. Ambulance, firefighters, police. Train “The track is standing still. Trains are running late,” he wrote Netolic on Facebook.

“They are recovering from injuries. Some people seem to have been seriously injured. The rescue operation is going on there. We still don’t know if there are any casualties. Railways will investigate the reasons for the same. The Regiojet wagon was badly damaged,” said Martin Kavka, spokesperson of the railway administration’s fire department.

Kavka later told ČT24 that two people had died in the accident. Dozens were injured on the spot.

“We are looking into the details. I will probably visit the place in person. It is premature to name the culprits at this time. We are counting the number of injured at the spot. We cannot rule out the victims,” ​​said Transport Minister Martin Kupka Denik N.

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