Four capybara cubs were born at the Prague Zoo

Four capybara cubs were born at the Prague Zoo on Sunday morning. But one of them may not be possible. The director of the garden, Miroslav Bobek, told ČTK. The zoo began breeding these largest living rodents again after ten years last fall, when it brought in a female from Germany and a male from Denmark.

Bobek first got word that two cubs were born, which later turned into four, he said. The parents left one of the cubs in the inner part of the enclosure, and with the other three they had already gone outside. The capybara enclosure in the lower part of the Prague Zoo is shared with the ants.

The previous breeding of capybaras at the Prague Zoo ended in 2013 after a flood. The garden returned to him because of the popularity of the capybaras, which are in great demand among zoo visitors, Prague Zoo spokesman Filip Macek said earlier. In a poll, people chose the names Kabik and Bara for the young pair of animals, a reference to the family name of these guinea pigs.

Capybaras feed on grass, aquatic plants, shoots or fruits of young trees. They swim well. It can stay under the surface for up to ten minutes on a single breath, and it also attaches to water. They often live in groups with a dominant male. They mature in 15 months and live up to 12 years in human care. An adult capybara is capable of processing 3.5 kilograms of plant food per day. She herself is food for jaguars, pumas or anacondas.

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