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Germany is also considering the possibility of supplying Ukraine with 29 more Leopard 2 tanks from two European countries.

Germany could transfer 10 to 15 repaired ones to Ukraine by end of 2023 Leopard 2 tanksBut on the condition that the German government takes this decision in the future.

The publication was informed about this Frankfurt Allgemeine Zeitung Sources in the field of defense.

It is worth noting that the first delivery is already possible in October or November 2023. If the German government gives the “green light”, the sources say that one Leopard 2 could be supplied per week from the third quarter.

In addition, the news agency writes that Germany is also considering the possibility of supplying Ukraine with 29 more Cheetah 2 tanks currently destined for Slovakia and the Czech Republic. However, Prague and Bratislava have to agree to this. Alternatively, Slovakia and the Czech Republic could receive around 3 tanks per month from 2024.

Western tanks for Ukraine

During the visit to Lviv, the president Poland’s Andrzej Duda declared his intention Deliver Leopard tanks to Ukraine. The country’s president talked about the number of tanks that Ukraine could get.

After that, Britain announced that it was going to supply modern tanks to Ukraine. Later, British Defense Minister Ben Wallace confirmed it, speaking in the House of Commons. Delivery of Challenger 2 tanks to UkraineGuns and armored vehicles.

Now Great Britain’s Foreign Secretary James Cleverley is on a two-day visit to the US and Canada. He is expected during his visit Convince allies to transfer more military equipment to Ukraine.

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