For agricultural products, we will create a Red Book of Endangered Foods

Why did you come here to take revenge on the people in the KDU-SL cabinet?
I come from Jesenk region, until recently I owned an agricultural farm and was the mayor of that village. But that’s how I use the high bike, so I look at farming from different angles. One of my important topics is long-term agriculture.

It is important to realize that today’s agriculture operates according to certain conditions and dictates of society. Society wants a healthy landscape, healthy food and sufficiency, and that is what we at the Ministry of Agriculture are for.

When it comes to support, are you a supporter of operating grants or investments?
At this time there is a primary need to support investment. Agriculture must have the courage to push these subsidies not only for primary products, but also for secondary products and to narrow trade routes, food products and their distribution. Through this, we will adjust the priority points in the rural development plan, supporting small and medium enterprises and micro-enterprises, but also sensitive products and animal production.

In 2016, the government under Minister Jureka approved a comprehensive vision for Czech agriculture until 2030. In it, there was talk of increasing the number of pigs to 2.1 million by 2025, while, on the contrary, the amount of grain would decrease. Will you edit this plan? In recent years, this does not seem to correspond with reality.
At some point it is. In comparison to those times, let’s look at the epic average. It is not a very attractive commodity economically. The other support in the chain of animal production is meat or milk which lasts even if there is a simultaneous surplus. In addition, sensitive products such as hops, wine, vegetables or fruits should be brought to the attention of the Ministry.

We don’t want to talk about food production. Currently, we will create something like a red book of perishable foods and ingredients that we don’t want to drink. Put monocasts like pigs and chicks in there first. We don’t want any pig, chicken or egg to be lost from the market.

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But their apartment comes with an ongoing operating subsidy. How are you going to stop the dream state?
As for investment, I will touch on changes in technology, for example in poultry farming, the transition from cage farming to non-cage breeding will help a lot, otherwise these arenas could be destroyed. Thus, we will vaccinate the pigs against infectious diseases to increase their immunity. This will reduce the number of antibiotics used and the risk of resistance to them. The ministry will not only protect the species in the common European market, but also try to diversify them if possible. Although the import price of beef is in the range, for example from Poland, it is very expensive.

They whisper that it will cost about four billion kroner to reconstruct cage-free breeding, but I only have a billion ready. An additional hundred zn will go to farms for seeds due to new welfare conditions.
The financial crisis is not over yet, and this well has bottomed out. The pension should be distributed to all farms in the range of sensitive commodities. It is in Ukrainian quantities that which of these commodities, both ivoinch and vegetable, require a subsidy from the stud. If it was just up to the pub, that esque backyard would be a mess.

What do you say?
If it is not for pension. The market is hbe trade only. Recently, I’ve been asked by several representatives from various non-profit organizations why flax is grown here, why not so much flax is grown, why we don’t have more colorful fields. We have to market what we produce. If flax trade and growth is lost because of cotton, nothing can be done about it. I come from Hanuovic, where flax is the main thing in the growing season, it’s the thing of my heart and I wanted to play with this commodity. Forage cabbage used in livestock production has such a history.

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So shouldn’t concern for land cover be prioritized over the amount of crops produced?
No, we want to protect Europe’s productivity in terms of food and feed, but at the same time protect the environment. These are the two basic requirements we want from farmers. But agriculture is not only about food production, but also about water, grass as a commodity, energy crops and renewable energy sources. It is not only about breakfast, lunch and dinner, but also about shoes, obstacles on the road, the plate in our hand, what we warm up. Let’s talk about what we really want from farmers, food and products, and what new technologies can be used to achieve it.

It is necessary to prolong it

Do you support the use of genetically or genetically modified foods? (In the first case, the ownership of individual genes that change the characteristics of an organism, usually a plant, in the second case, it is usually introduced into the organism through DNA, author’s note)
While we have decided not to open up genetics, we cannot close ourselves off about genetic practices. In Romania we have enormous potential and high-quality scientific work. Eventually, climate change, like the mother of the world’s children, will drive us to these levels. In the middle of this year, the European Commission plans to submit a draft of the first regulation on new genetic techniques, which should take into account scientific discoveries and the current state of technology.

We need to use new breeding methods, new types, breeds and new methods of breeding farm animals. We see that in precision agriculture and the coming wave of regenerative agriculture. We should take traditional values ​​as an invitation, not as annihilation. And not just in relation to genetically modified organisms, but proteins in general. Actually for vegetable proteins and proteins produced in the laboratory. What is an estimate of how much ivoinch protein an opana will need? Beef consumption has decreased from 22 kg per year to 9.5 kg at present. However, the state’s priority is to preserve productivity.

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We do not teach her technical and pastoral work, maximum work activities, which is basically another form of art education.

Zemdlc long term ubv. Can this process be slowed down?
In the current pile of bugs, long for Vivi. It has gone so far that the children do not fully understand the relationship between the hunter and the sale. We got down to writing about an hour before the week. When farming is on par with other advisors, it’s out of the question. When they insist not to go for agriculture circuit because they have high school to study. Sparks in the eyes of children on stock wheels.

We do not teach it technical and pastoral work, maximum work activity, which is another form of education. Many secondary schools under the jurisdiction of regional councils cannot support professional laboratories and workshops without support from the Ministry.

So distance is the only way out?
Yes, in defaming the field. To realize that farmers aren’t the ones in rubber bands with pitchforks, but here we practically put everything on the table. I have satellite navigation, central heating, automatic doors. And higher and middle levels have to respond to this with new fields such as professional acrotronics. That manual labor is long gone in history.

Miroslav Skivnek

He has been KDU-SL’s political representative in the Ministry of Agriculture since the beginning of this year. He graduated from the Faculty of Agriculture of Mendel University in Brno, where he teaches as an outdoor teacher. Between 2018 and 2022, he was the mayor of the municipality of Bran in Olomouc region, where he is a member of the hunting association. His family is engaged in organic farming.

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