Flour at 12.90, lk Minister Nekula. People laugh at him for publicity

Minister zemdlstv Zdenk Nekula (raised) and Edital spolenosti Lidl Adam Miszczszyn. (9. April 2023)
| Photo: Twitter: Zdenk Nekula

The People’s Agriculture Minister heaped praise on German retailer Lidl on Twitter, which appears to have been written by an employee of his press department.

Former SSD MP Vclav Votava also criticized Necula for this.

Minister, especially you do not understand your role as a minister. Sorry, it is not befitting of a government minister R to tell people such tricks like negotiating the price of flour with the trader, you are laughing at this! Votava replied.

Even a bad tweet is bad. Only those who have installed dotyne etzce application on their mobile phone can buy cheap flour.

I hope they gave us at least one shirt, tighten up people

Not only politicians but also social media users criticized the Agriculture Minister for his tweet recommending flour of a particular crop.

I hope they give you at least a t-shirt for that stupid ad, which was one of the most powerful reactions ever to appear on Twitter and written by Silva H.

My model is a supermarket editor. Can you lie down please? A user named Trek Pro Putin wrote to Minister Negul.

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The iDNES.cz portal sent a question to the minister, whether he or his female colleagues wrote a tweet praising a certain person, did he mean it, and whether a minister of the government of the Czech Republic should do something like that.

I have never had a problem. I had a working day at Lidl, which was completely normal. I regularly work with representatives of various trade associations, which is part of my job (supporting the Czech Field Macra initiative, food collection in Rohlek and Albert, etc.). I have no problem praising someone publicly. In the long run, I would point to a higher commercial value even for some products. On the other hand, I would also like to point out the positive actions towards consumers, Necula, whose reaction was sent to iDNES.cz by the representative of the press department of the Ministry of Agriculture, Tereza Kuplkov.

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