Fifteen-year-old boy dies after drowning in Šídlovský pond in Pilsen


The unconscious child was pulled to shore and witnesses began resuscitation under telephone guidance from an emergency service operator.

At half past six this afternoon, the rescue services were informed that a boy had drowned in the Šídlovský pond in Pilsen. There were several whistleblowers and they all agreed that the child was underwater for about a minute before being pulled to shore by witnesses.

As police and paramedics rushed to the scene, an emergency operator began TANR, or telephone-assisted emergency resuscitation, as witnesses at the scene resuscitated the boy under his direction.
After arriving at the scene, paramedics administered CPR and continued until circulation was restored.

“We accepted the 15-year-old boy after he was first resuscitated by a layman, and then he was still alive. Unconscious, but already spontaneously ventilated and in a serious condition, he was taken to the emergency teaching hospital, Plzeň Lochotín,” A spokesperson for the Rescue Service told us.

Photo: Illustration

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