Fiala is willing to wait to appoint Hladic as a minister for the new chancellor

Prime Minister Peter Fiala (December 20, 2022)
| Photo: Weber Radek, Mafra

The Prime Minister insisted that Hladic was pressing for the appointment. At the same time, he did not dismiss the jurisdictional case against Zeeman. However, this does not bring results in an acceptable time frame.

At the same time, Fiala reminded that the government is responsible for the appointment of cabinet members and should respect the appointment of the president. According to Fiala, further changes in government are not on the agenda. “Government works as a team,” he said.

Hladic said after a meeting with Zeman on Wednesday The President is not ready to appoint him now. At the same time, the reservations raised by the President seemed to have been explained to him.

According to the Deputy Prime Minister and head of KDU-ČSL, Marian Jureka, the reservations are, for example, the case of Hladic’s expertise or the allocation of city apartments in Brno. Because of her, the police also intervened in Hladic’s office, but did not charge him with anything.

KDU-ČSL’s presidium discussed the situation on Wednesday, and on Friday Jurek convened a national committee that will discuss the next course of action. “Tomorrow, the national leadership of the KDU-ČSL will hold a meeting and come up with a proposal.

There are a few options for how to proceed. We will announce the next course of action after consultation with the people’s leadership,” Fiala said today. According to him, it is important to get clarity around the important ministry as soon as possible.

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On Wednesday, Jureka indicated that people could wait for the next president to emerge from the January elections. Fiala made a similar point today. “We have to take into account some of the facts here, for example the end of President Zeman’s tenure and some other factors. I think that will be clear after Friday,” he said.

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