Fatigue That Never Goes Away: What Fatigue Syndrome Is and How It Manifests

The tiredness many of us feel at the end of winter comes from our biological clocks. During this period we are more relaxed. However, the current hectic time pushes us into unplanned activity by nature.

In addition, there are people who feel tired not only during this period, but throughout the year, and most importantly, they never get a good night’s sleep. He suffers from chronic fatigue syndrome. “For example, unlike a burn, it is caused by a virus, from which a person does not fully recover,” explains Tomáš Pluhař, an internist specializing in this problem.

Chronic fatigue syndrome manifests itself as a person feeling more tired than they are used to. It can affect both athletes and ordinary people, and the virus is often the trigger, from which the patient basically never recovers.

At first glance, you may not recognize a person with chronic fatigue syndrome, but when they go for a walk, they may be tired for a day or two. “The pathology lies in the fact that a person can’t manage almost anything in a break, even if he has run a marathon before,” says Tomas Bluhaus.

MD Thomas Pluhar

Specialist in the Department of Internal Medicine, 1st Faculty of Medicine, Charles University and General University Hospital in Prague.

For a long time, he has specialized in the diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome, and is dedicated to educating both professionals and the general public.

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Internist Tomáš Pluhař specializes in chronic fatigue syndrome.

The main symptom is, of course, fatigue, but it can also have associated symptoms such as those of the flu. These include swelling of the nodes, increased temperature, and occasional sore throat. If you feel inexplicable fatigue for more than half a year, it’s time to see a doctor and discuss it with him.

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Unfortunately, in the Czech Republic there is no summary of recommendations to help speed up the diagnosis of this disease, so the patient undergoes a round of examination in specialized workplaces and departments. If nothing comes up, it could be fatigue syndrome.

Is there a prevention against fatigue syndrome? And what about treatment? Listen to the new episode of MUDr.ování at the beginning of the article, where coach Tomáš Pluhař was a guest.


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