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Aggressors can only loot, torture and kill.

Russia has been spreading information about the fact that the fighters of its army “guarantee the life and humane treatment of Ukrainian prisoners of war.” This is completely false.

about this write down Center for Communications and Strategic Defense.

Yesterday, July 10, Prosecutor General Andriy Kostin announced the shooting of two Ukrainian prisoners of war near Robotny.

“This is far from the first case of atrocities committed by the occupiers. At the end of March 2024, the UN Human Rights Watch in Ukraine issued another report (December 2023 – February 2024), which indicated a sharp increase in the number. Torture and execution of Ukrainian prisoners of war by the Russian occupiers. cases”.

Torture and ill-treatment of Ukrainian prisoners by the Russians is widespread and “routine,” the report asserts. According to UN data, 96% of Ukrainian prisoners of war (58 out of 60 interviewed) were subjected to various forms of torture.

“By spreading lies about “humane” treatment of prisoners, the Russian Federation is drawing Ukrainian militants into a deadly trap.”

Earlier, a military expert said how the Russians would be punished for shooting prisoners of war of the armed forces.

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