F-16 for Ukraine: Which countries and how many fighters will be transferred?

The first US F-16 fighter jets should finally appear in the skies over Ukraine this year. It is a versatile aircraft that can be armed with air-to-air, air-to-ground missiles and air-to-air bombs. The F-16s will help strengthen Ukraine’s air defenses and can also provide support to ground forces. Of course, like any other weapon, the F-16 will not bring immediate victory, but it will provide air superiority. Ukraine and its allies agreed on the delivery last year: “Word and Deed” offers to see which countries and how many planes will be delivered, and most importantly – whether they will be used for strikes on the territory of Russia.

Four countries – the Netherlands, Belgium, Norway and Denmark – will transfer F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine.

The first, most likely, will be aircraft from Denmark: in 2024-2025, the country will hand over 19 fighters to us, including six already this summer.

Ukraine could use these fighters for attacks on military targets on Russian territory. “This is not a new position, it is part of the transfer. When we discussed this with our foreign affairs committee in the Danish parliament, we made it clear from the beginning that this is part of self-defense, so that military facilities on the territory of the aggressors can also be attacked.Foreign Minister Luke Rasmussen said.

Netherlands to hand over 24 fighter jets to Ukraine The delivery of the first boards (their number was not specified) will begin in the fall.

As Defense Minister Kaisa Ollongren confirmed, the Netherlands does not impose any restrictions on the use of the F-16: “We apply the same principle that applies to any other supply, which is that once we hand it over to Ukraine, they can use it. We only ask that it respect international law and the right to self-defense, as stated in the UN Charter, which means that it is used for military purposes.

Norway is going to hand over 22 planes with “new weapons” to Ukraine, but it is not known when. At the same time, Foreign Minister Espan Barth Eid noted that the country is replacing F-16s so that the armed forces can “strike deep into the Russian rear”.

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Belgium will transfer 30 F-16s to Ukraine in 2024-2028.

But Belgium is the only country that does not allow Ukraine to use warplanes to attack Russia. “The agreement is very clear. We are talking about fighter jets that the Ukrainians can use on the territory of Ukraine.” – stressed Prime Minister Alexandre de Crou.

We will remind you that you can learn from the chart what you know about the training of Ukrainian pilots on the F-16.

We also wrote about the position of allies regarding the use of Western weapons for attacks on Russian territory.


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