Elon Musk reacts strongly to Stephen King’s proposal to give Twitter Ukraine a blue tick: photo

The inventor recalled his help to the Ukrainians.

American billionaire, founder of SpaceX and owner of Twitter Elon Musk Answered the writer’s proposal Stephen King.

Specifically, the “King of Horror” Offered to the inventor Funding for the verification of the Twitter page of Voluntary Serhi Brideula Foundation. Musk had a sharper response to King’s proposal.

In particular, the billionaire said that he donated 100 million dollars to help Ukrainians. In his response, Musk included a post from the head of the Ministry of Digital Affairs, Mykhailo Fedoro, thanking him for funding Starling’s work in Ukraine.

“I donated 100 million dollars to Ukraine, how much did you donate?” – Elon Musk responds to Stephen King.

It is worth recalling that at the beginning of the full-scale war, Elon Musk supported Ukraine. The inventor sent Starling into the country, which provided the military with a reliable Internet connection. However, in September 2022, Musk announced that he would stop funding Starling as his company was experiencing large losses. Instead, the billionaire demanded that the Pentagon reimburse him for his expenses. Against this background, a scandal arose, after which Musk promised that Internet communication terminals would continue to work in Ukraine.

In general, from the fall of 2022, the inventor began to be popular for pro-Russian stories. However, Fedorov, the head of the Ministry of Statistics, noted that despite the scandalous reports, Max continues to help Ukraine.

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