Election 2023 | Monica Babisova and Eva Pavlova in the presidential election

“If my husband wins the presidential election on Saturday, I will definitely focus on charity in my role as First Lady, traveling with him in the Czech Republic and abroad. I will enjoy meeting and interacting with interesting people and visiting the areas here. I have tried twice now and it has been wonderful. Charity As part of the organization, I want to continue to connect people and help different non-profit organizations,” he said. Monica Babisova.

He describes the current period as very intense. “It’s not pleasant at all. Unfortunately, some people attack us, send threatening letters, make death threats,” explains the presidential candidate’s wife. Andrej Babiš.

She met her husband thirty years ago. He was a businessman then and entered politics in 2011. “When we met, I would never have thought that he would one day enter politics, certainly not that he would run for the presidency,” says Babisova, who feels the difference between the first and second rounds of the election campaign is important. Her whole situation is so hot right now.

Babiš at the press conference after the first round of elections

“Unfortunately, we had to ask the police for protection in the last few days, of course we are mainly worried about the children. Fortunately, the son is studying abroad and the daughter is not at home. I am here in Prihonys. I know it is temporary… I hope everything will be over by Saturday,” Monika Babisova said. believes

If her husband Andrej Babis does not become president on Saturday, she will react to him by saying that she will regret it, because she rooted for him and supported him, but on the other hand, she will also be happy. “Why? Because I hope we can finally have a normal life again. I think the kids and I will definitely be relieved,” Pro admits. CNN Prima News.

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“I told my husband that this campaign may take more from us than it gives. He knows about it. But when we speak to those in the outlying areas, we see that they are desperate and trusting in Him. So, the husband is determined that he should fight for them,” Babisova added.

Peter Pavel and Eva Pavlova (2023)

About her husband Peter Pavlov The current challenging days of the presidential campaign are drawing to a close, and he spoke Eva Pavlova.

“The last days are very demanding, I would compare it to our classic earlier works, only now we have a little more work. If I have time, I like to relax with a good meal with my husband with a book or with the cat. I liked skiing and also tried flamenco dancing,” she says. .

She and her husband will celebrate twenty years of marriage next year. It never occurred to her that her husband would one day run for president. “I think once he retires, we’ll focus on the cottage, the family and the grandchildren,” he laughs.

The difference between the first and second round of elections is considered as significant by Pavlova as by Babisova. “There is still a lot of media pressure, and we feel it negatively in terms of the pressure on our team. Colleagues and friends who support the husband sometimes get unpleasant calls. However, we try to eliminate the negativity, or try to overcome it more,” says Pavlova.

“And is it all worth it? My husband and I have never said that to each other. We see in it what people are telling us. What the future and our country will look like. Personally, I will never get used to the media attention, and I hope that it will lessen a little on the last day of the presidential election. I will be first lady. If I want to come, or say the wife of the president, I need to find someone competent to help me with this, to overcome my anxiety, to teach me how to deal with the media, she explains.

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She would have told him that if her husband hadn’t become president on Saturday, we’d go out for dinner, coffee, wine and relaxing together. “Also, it will definitely be words of praise about him, because he has added a lot to it. But we don’t really like words. We like when we have some deeds and actions behind us,” says Peter Pavla’s wife.

Both wives of the presidential candidates spoke at Nova, where the final televised debate took place. Both agreed that they were glad the presidential campaign was over. We hope that the period of unrest and divided society will end and we will gradually return to a normal situation where we will all continue in peace,” said Eva Pavlova, wife of Peter Pavlov. Monika Babisova, wife of Andrej Babis, confirmed her words. “I can’t wait for Saturday night,” She said, “No matter how it turns out, we can all live here together and respect each other.”

In a final appeal to voters, Eva Pavlova called on the audience to remember the words of the Czech national anthem and to imagine the Czech land as a common home where everyone can continue to live in dignity. He asked people to come and vote. Babish’s wife Monika said, “Everyone knows my husband. He mentioned that they have been helping people in their foundation for ten years and Babis entered politics with the same goal.

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