Don’t you have a pension? Therefore we will not allow your students into Prague. The battle for places in the middle stakes is heating up

Bes tisc prachch dt zsvet Not sure yet, you will come to the middle chakra. Also, 16 percent of the candidates did not appear anywhere in the first round of entrance exams in the city. In the wealthiest region of the country, this is ironically the least achievable distance. Because of this, he received criticism from the public that he did not sufficiently encourage Master’s students to participate in courses, especially in demanding fields. Descendants of Stetosk Kraj of Metropolis, from where they can press DD. I heard from them that in the future the capital will only allow explosions on its wheels.

The cities in the middle have turned into strong political gloom. Because of this, the Ministry of Religion consists of both experts and politicians. Together, they figure out how to make sure they don’t have to explain it to people again in the years to come. On average, eight mistakes are made.

The situation is unpleasant, especially for the STAN movement. Its leader is not only Minister of Churches Mikul Pek, but also former Councilor for Churches Anton Klekanda and his Central Czech representative Milan Viča and Governor Petra Bekov. In the middle rounds, 7.8 percent of those who applied for the middle round did not get anywhere.

Now the mayor is very worried, even in Prague, the city is “taken” by ten thousand stedos in secondary schools, and their own part does not want to pay to run these schools or to pay for the pensions of those who need them the most. School students. So, the mayor first started talking, when there is no pension, there will be nothing. Stetosk dd na preschch kolch.

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“I told the minister. When we have nothing, we have to find a way to make our taxpayers’ children the most important,” said Finance Councilor Zdenk Kovk (ODS).

One of the variations on how to make children’s vacation more special is to introduce a plan for Prague. However, because of this, the Kolsk Act had to be changed. Today the discount rate is only on stock and side of Amma Bike.

The ministry is preparing a “gym for three-year-olds”. The first children can try it at the age of five

20. 5. 2024 ▪ 4 minutes ten

“I understand this proposal, it will solve the problems, but it is not an ideal one,” said Renata Zajkov (ODS), a member of parliament and member of the parliamentary constituency committee. According to other concerned politicians, this is a spe hvrch that should be firm in Prague’s negotiating position. Even so, there is actually a lot of debate about such a plan.

Yields on mid-cap stocks are not logicalsome departments are unique and only available in a few places in the republic,” answered Central Czech Governor Bekov. “In Central Bohemia there are many social services established in Prague, we have 14 children’s homes, 26 percent of whom are children from Prague,” he added.

Dti chtj to velkch mst

According to the governor, the regions should mainly cooperate. The Stetosk region was rejected as having to pay less for increased capacity in kolkhozes. In the last two years, there have been 3,000 new orbs in medium stocks Transformavange Mst.“Historically, Prague-Entry and Prague-West didn’t even have a high school. We had nothing to do with snapping our fingers.” According to the governor, the capacity in Anek and Hostivica will be increased from the fifth year onwards.

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Thus, a gymnasium was established in Sulik and a private school in Švidić. The other gymnasium is a new building on a green lawn,When the region lacks land and cities. Prepare for high school in Jesenice, Ernoj or Rostock,” Bekov added.

He also cautions that he is not sure whether he will use these new seats in the finals. “Stedogoles like to move to big cities. “When you have good transport, you want to study in Prague,” the governor said.

“We see it in middle schools, for example in Besnice, we had five children in a row, and we had to merge the schools. We have an IT department, which is collapsing under Prague pressure, and in Besnice it is not even filled,” said Bekov, who has approximately 15,000 prostitutes in the region. And there are less than 14,000 places and less than 2,000 places. .

The problem is the gymnasium

Come this week All concerned parties Given the wheels, you need to clarify how they will continue. There is a discussion about the creation of a large campus between the two regions: for example in Letani. “We are willing to believe it financially, but nothing concrete at this time,” Bekov said. However, according to her, Prague must fulfill a “metropolitan role”. I get tax incentives, especially compared to other countries.

Brask working pro kolstv Klecanda He acknowledges that the capital is sufficient for retirement, but cautions that he should spend it that way. The great street D will be “swallowed” by the construction of the subway, which will be capital e, a Finance gave Enron plans. Plus, tax-deferred retirement can change, and Prague is a dream come true.

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It is not certain how the consequences of drinking will ultimately change. On Tuesday, the children can zat pihlaovat na voln msta v druhm kole. According to Klekanda, Prague offers 850 places in gymnasiums, 600 places in secondary schools with a high school diploma, and about half of the places in vocational fields with a high school diploma. Another 400 seats are in non-undergraduate fields.

The most popular places in Prague are places in gymnzich. They only sell second-hand bikes, including private bikes, so only those who can pay have access. Currently, Prague only has about half of its high schools on its own land, with the rest being private schools that have grown rapidly in the capital in recent years.

This year, 30 of them were registered, and 17 have applied for a listing in the registry from 2024. “This is an insulting purchase of the Bran message that is supposed to confirm their position,” says editor-in-chief Miroslav Hebek. of the EDUinu system.

At the beginning of May, the municipality bought a building in Holyoves for almost 200 million, where it wants to build a new gym. At the same time, the city also plans to purchase buildings for bicycle farming. These are buildings in Prague 5, 7 and 10. This year, they added capacity to popular clubs such as Gymnasium na Zatlans or Smechovsk Pramislov Kola.

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