Dolní Morava: Great for long weekends and holidays

In the entire resort, you can find eight slopes of various difficulties with a length of ten kilometers. Above the hotel on the slope, on some days you can ski in the evening, on weekends in the morning (7:30 am), and the services of a ski instructor are available. Enjoy breakfast on the slopes after enjoying the newly groomed slopes. With a bit of luck, you will have breakfast in the Slamanga hut, in the warmth of a blazing fireplace, in the light of the rising sun.

Already when the cable car was taking us towards Slamnik, we noticed the so-called Mammoth Roller Coaster, on which bobsleds were riding at a very high speed.

Taped corners

Passengers must wear seat belts. A speed of 50 kmph does not seem special to one. But if you rush down a slope through a snow forest at this speed, you are among the trees for a while, you float above the ground for a while, you choose bank turns, off-road waves or describe a 360-degree turn. Twice in a row in a short spin, it’s a real dose of adrenaline. The three kilometer route is one of the longest and, due to its profile, one of the most interesting in the country.

Photo: Mountain Resort Dolny Morava

Riding the mammoth roller coaster is a real adrenaline rush.

In the U Slona area, in addition to the 1,200-meter-long and 80-meter-wide slope, you will also find a track with the longest banked turns in the Czech mountains, terrain waves and a twelve-meter underground tunnel. Lovers of freestyle, skicross, snowboard cross and other disciplines will also enjoy here. There are about fifty kilometers of cross-country trails in and around the resort, as well as special trails for ski alpinists.

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Toboggan run

The two-and-a-half-kilometer toboggan run, which can be accessed immediately after exiting the U Slona cable car station, is widely used not only by adrenaline junkies. It goes through the forest and thanks to the artificial lights, it can be ridden even in the evening.

The unfinished monastery at Kuklo will absorb you with its peaceful atmosphere

Travel tips

You can find children’s paradise not far from the exit of Mammoth Railway. The area is fenced, there are recreational elements for children, a slalom course, a small lift or a moving rubber carpet. On a gentle slope, prcs practice their first steps on skis. If parents prefer, they can ride on their own, leaving them in the care of the instructors.

Photo: Petr Veselý, Law

The area designed for children is fenced. There you can leave the skis to the instructor and go skiing yourself.

We passed through a dark entrance and entered Sky Bridge 721, the longest suspension pedestrian bridge in the world, measuring exactly 721 meters. The snow and ice that covered the structure of the causeway glistened in the sun’s rays. But they also played a practical role: fresh snow often reduced slippage through holes in the steel plates on which people walked over the bridge. So there wasn’t much to see below, and it was easy for tourists to overcome the giddiness and fear.

The bridge crosses the Mlýnské údolí at a height of ninety-five meters and it trembles a little underfoot. Some gave up on the causeway and returned. The frosted and shiny texture was more interesting than usual, and it wasn’t a boring texture as usual. It is no coincidence that the American magazine TIME included it in the list of fifty places worth visiting in the world.

You can see giant mountains

A short distance below it, another exceptional attraction rises to the sky: the path in the clouds, which is thought to resemble the flight of a butterfly at night. It stands at a height of 1,116 meters above sea level, and on a wooden path in the form of a spiral, you climb fifty-five meters high above the surrounding forest. In good weather, you can get another amazing view of the surroundings from here. Sometimes the Krkonoše mountains are said to be visible.

Not everyone dares to cross the Mlýnská údoli suspension bridge.

The journey can be shortened by a spiral staircase or a special lattice tunnel. And adrenaline seekers can slide down a hundred-meter-long windowed stainless steel toboggan. It should be noted that it is quite dazzling, especially in the corners.

Austrian Seefeld Ski Resorts will delight families and cross-country skiers alike


For climbing, choose shoes with only one correct pattern. Otherwise, you risk slipping here on the wooden walkway. Dolny Morava is not only visited by skiers, the surrounding area is attractive for hikers and walks. Someone comes to enjoy local attractions – a path or a bridge. If they live in the rooms or in the hotel below the slopes, they can use the swimming pool and hot tubs with warm water (30 to 34 degrees Celsius), saunas, massages, all kinds of health and other entertainment. They are said to be increasing.

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Photo: Mountain Resort Dolny Morava

The suspension bridge is the longest in the world.

Everyone chooses accommodation and food according to their wallet, but also depending on when they are free here. It is said that most people visit on weekends or long weekends, but many skiers and tourists from the surrounding area only come for a day. It’s less crowded here during the week, so you’ll enjoy skiing more.

Worth a look

  • At the Bio Farm Wintr, you can organize an excursion and buy aged beef, for example for tartar. More at
  • The source of the Morava River in Králické Sněžník (1380 m above sea level) has the form of a well. It can also be achieved on cross-country skis or snowshoes. However, the road should be passable and there should be no danger of avalanches. A new observation tower rises on the Polish side of the mountain. On the foundations of the nearby remains of Lichtenštejn’s hut is a statue of a baby elephant, the symbol of the Snowman King. If you hit his trunk, you are said to be lucky.

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