Dismissal of teacher prosecuted for refusing war valid, court rules

Among other things, Bednarova told eighth-graders that there was no war in the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, and that Ukrainians were killing Russian people in the now-occupied Donbass.

“The plaintiff seriously violated the obligations of an educator under the Education Act by his statements to young students in the Czech language class, as his statements were completely incompatible with the principles and goals of education in the Czech Republic,” justified the verdict. Lada Horakova, head of the court committee, said that Petnarova’s report from the schools was considered completely fair.

“Plaintiff’s statements (in class) were partly misleading and partly completely false,” the judge said.

Unions: Firing a teacher because of pro-Russian propaganda should be legal


Bednarova did not comment on Monday’s verdict, allowing only her lawyer to address the court. He said that the teacher only discussed with the students and encouraged them to find information from multiple sources. Prosecutors will now consider whether to appeal the verdict. If so, the matter will be dealt with by the Municipal Court in Prague.

“Like Nothing Happened”

“Looking at Kiev, what are the cameras from the city. Yesterday, I deleted it and accidentally left out a picture of contemporary Kevin. It’s like nothing happened there,” the teacher said in a recording recorded by a student. Published by Seznam Správy server.

“ČT1 is owned by a media group affiliated with billionaire Soros. We know who it should be paid to,” the editor pointed out in the 18-minute audio recording.

At the same time, he himself admits on the record that he relied on information from the website protiproud.cz, which is considered to be false information.

He has also been prosecuted for the teacher’s statements and faces up to three years in prison for denying, questioning, approving and justifying the genocide.

The teacher was served notice in May and the school is now awaiting the outcome of court proceedings.

The author was accused of denying the war in Ukraine


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