Disgruntled citizens. Konečná is not surprised, Lipavský welcomes NATO’s plans for a stronger sum

05/31/2024 20:40 | Conversation

“On the one hand, B. Fiala’s government is watching how the banks go out, how the armorers become astronomically rich. They will work for years. Ridiculous. Enough of this!” MEP and number one candidate Kateryna Konegna said what shocked her about our food self-sufficiency.

Disgruntled citizens.  Konečná is not surprised, and Lipavsky welcomes NATO's plans for a larger sum

Hans Stumpera

Description: The leader of the KSČM is Katerina Konegna

The pension reform passed first reading in the House of Representatives. Madam MP, what do you think about the changes in the debate?

From Generation Z of ODS, TOP 09, KDU-ČSL, STAN and Piráts, i.e. citizens born between 1995-2010, who voted for these parties in large numbers, can thank their representatives that they will not retire after seventy.

Otherwise, I absolutely refuse to talk about changes in pensions as reforms. This is not a reform, these are accounting changes – unfortunately for the worse. On the one hand, P. Fiala’s government tells how the banks ran out, how the arms manufacturers became astronomically rich, how many hundreds of billions landed in the accounts of the ten richest families – on the other hand, it takes the pensioners by the mouth and tells the workers that they will work for many more years. Ridiculous. Enough!

NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg visited Prague. Describing the Czech Republic as a reliable ally and ally, he noted that it would fulfill its obligation to provide 2 percent of GDP to defense, and praised the Czech munitions initiative and other assistance to Ukraine. What to say to this praise?


Who will you vote for in the European elections?

Voted by: 11325 people

Mr. Prime Minister Fiala likes to brag about the accolades he collects in Brussels and Washington, but as the Czech Prime Minister – I think he should be more interested in how citizens feel in our country. That’s a pure five there.

However, I would like to dwell on the content of the related ones among others. Mr. I read with total astonishment that Stoltenberg’s proposal was welcomed by the pirate Foreign Minister Lipovsky. I’m not surprised that citizens get frustrated when they constantly hear that there is no funding for anything, but there is always war, weapons and Ukraine.

The elections for the European Parliament are approaching, every week, as you can see on your Facebook profile, how do you feel the mood of the community when you meet people in many places of the Republic?

I have to admit that meeting people really recharges me and gets the blood pumping in my veins. I feel a great energy from them and want to say enough in the election! And this is not just my feeling but also the electoral performance of this group which is ahead of some parliamentary parties is a proof!

In your opinion, will the recent attack on Slovak Prime Minister Fico have a significant impact on the election results?

I read a survey that gauged among people what the main reason for the incredible increase in the situation in Slovakia was. Slovaks see it clearly – more than 60% say the actions of opposition politicians are to blame.

I think this will ultimately be reflected in the further strengthening of SMER. Unfortunately, the price for this reinforcement is too high, and I wish Prime Minister Figo would be ill soon.

It’s enough to be on the candidate list! For example, you have Zdeňko Jandejsko, the former president of the Agricultural Union. How do you perceive the current Czech agriculture? What about our food self-sufficiency which started to decline after 1989?

We are very happy to have true professionals from the first to the last of our candidates and Mr.Jandacek is one of them. In terms of self-sufficiency and food security in general, the outcome over the past 35 years has been absolutely dire. We are not self-sufficient in areas where we were able to produce surpluses earlier. We have imported food of low quality, in small packages, but at high prices. The most scandalous role in this was ironically played by the European Commissioner for ANO from the Czech Republic, Ms Jurová, who threw the original ban on double standard food off the table. At least we have solved the problem partially.

In an interview with iDnes, you said that in your opinion, the current opposition parties are not doing a good job of protesting. What exactly do they “harden”?

The extra-parliamentary opposition is making a poor bid for a coalition of five, most of whom have been unable to come together and the only real viable alternative to shuffling the cards in practice is Suffice! And excuses like “we’ll only unite after the European elections” are just embarrassing alibi.

As for the parliamentary opposition, its opposition to the five demolitions culminates in a lecture in the House of Representatives. Other activity – Debates, public meetings, organization of demonstrations etc. It has passed. However, it is necessary to work with people systematically and over a long period of time. Elections are only 3 months away.

Some of your detractors, especially in discussions on social media, condemn you for the actions of the Communists before 1989. What would you say to them? Does the current KSČM have anything in common with the Communist Party of that time?

It’s downright embarrassing when some people’s only argument is decades-old deeds and communists apologizing. I – as is commonly known – was born in 1981 and have been in the Communist Party of the Czech Republic since 2005 – and it offends me that I leave a disastrous country, self-sufficient, heavily indebted and built by politicians. Sold Out National Gold.

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