Defense forces showed how they hunt “shaheeds” in the sky above Kiev

The regional defense forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine showed how the hunt for Iranian drones takes place in the sky above Kiev. Photographs of “Shaheed Hunters” work Published On the Facebook page.

“The night before yesterday, the mobile teams of the 242nd battalion of the territorial defense of the 241st brigade of the city of Kiev joined in making sure that not a single Russian “moped” reached its destination. You can see how it happened in the photo,” Teroboran wrote.

“Shahed hunters” guard the skies over Kiev. Photo: Facebook of the Regional Defense Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine
The Ukrainian military has practiced destroying drones. Photo: Facebook of the Regional Defense Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine


A “Shahhead” is a kamikaze drone, or UAV of this type, also known as a “barrage munition”. His mission is to fly to a certain point and explode there.

It is made of Hedinax, and the screw that pushes it is made of wood. To complicate the kamikaze drone, a radar was built into it. These UAVs are relatively inexpensive. Their price varies from 30 to 50 thousand dollars. In comparison, the Kalibr cruise missile, which has a range of up to 2,500 km, costs $5-6 million per unit. Because of this, the Russian military is actively using them for attacks on Ukraine.

Presumably, the effective flight range of “Shahed-136” is 1,000 km capable of delivering a warhead weighing 45 kilograms.

The other day, Digital Transformation Minister Mykhailo Fedorov reported, “Shaheed hunters” have already arrived in Ukraine. So far, they have purchased six Iranian-made Shahed-136 countermeasures against enemy kamikaze drones, which the Russians have disguised as “their” Geranis.

Yulia Sergeeva“Evening Kiev”

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