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David Vondrek He started as a journalist and later worked as a television columnist. He has long been collaborating as an investigative reporter on Czech television. He won several awards for his reporting. Esco Lwa m for a full-length documentary A kiss to the graveIt’s about homeless Jana and Jana, a pair of lovers who visit an old German camp in Stranice.

Reiser had a long childhood with an alcoholic father who often beat and mentally abused him. As a child, he spent a lot of time away from home, and the police searched for him a few times. He never knew the stable functioning of a family, which later reflected in his ability to start a family of his own.

He often resorted to alcohol, which complicated his work, and he was fired several times because of his drinking. He sang a dream composition for Mlad Svt and Mladá Front.

David Vondrek at Bonnies Hospital’s Psychiatric Complex. Collected from The 13th Room by David Vondrk (2023).

Then he died first Bonis Mental Hospital, from where the back of the bag was worn. For some time gambling was also added to alcohol. David Vondrek earned his pension in privatization and spent a lot of time as a teacher. He regularly lost a lot of money at roulette. For him, sport is an adrenaline rush, a quest for boundaries, but also a kind of self-destruction.

Alcohol took its toll on me as I gambled more than usual. I don’t struggle like many gamblers of all rules. I know people who know how to get you out of the playroom and eat. It takes me an hour and then they leave with great joy. I never did that. Especially not at that point, if I’d been drinking and lost the whole weapon, explains David Vondrek in his new work The 13th Room.

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As far as I can tell, over the years he stretched his work to 150 thousand crowns a month, so the banks had no problem paying him more. His debts kept mounting. He died several times on the street. At one time I was waiting for the honorarium without getting it. To be honest, I spent a month of my life on the street. I used a toilet in Hlavna Entra in Prague so she wouldn’t let me sweat on the stairs because it was so hot, she recounts.

Naten poadu 13. komnata Davida Vondrka (2023)

He tried to settle down and raise a family as best he could. But only for a short time. When he started playing again, his wife with two children dumped him. He ended up on the street and back in a mental hospital. In the darkest moments of his life, he thought of suicide several times and would have only minutes to realize it. Due to debts, he finally declared personal bankruptcy. And he even sold juice to feed the children Esco Lwa.

I have two children aged twelve and thirteen. I was not a good father and neither was my mother. I will at least try to pay some attention to them. I go to restaurants, cafes and music with them, but I have no pension. I sold my lion a long time ago because I wanted one of the hunters from the movies about it. Well, thanks for that, I can be with the kids, reporter.

Finally, he managed to get the bacon vertical. At the age of five, he neither eats nor drinks, pays off his debts, and accumulates nearly eight thousand crowns. He got a steady job and if he persevered, he would pay off his loan within two years.

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A hunter never knows if he will fall again. It is very fast. But I want to see that I have an instinct for self-preservation. Mainly because of the children. I want to know how they will develop and help them a little in life. But I’m very realistic, if the power goes out, I’ll end up on the street, I don’t have to choose to get arrested, I’ll end up a lot worse,” added David Vondrek.

In the past, he served as director of faculty at the company Fabio (cycles GEN, GENUS, Jak se ije…). to Esq Television He wrote a journalistic-documentary book about political events in the Sudetenland in the twentieth century, and later a documentary trilogy about all kinds of love for TV Nova (Poblznn Amor, Byl lsky (ne)as, Valentnsk nez).

In addition to the award-winning feature film Love in the Grave, his works include the documentary Posledn nadje Vry Bl.

Video: Watch Czech Lion Award-winning director David Vondrek’s documentary Love in the Grave:

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