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The Secretary of the National Security Council insisted that Russia could not produce a sufficient number of missiles.

Oleksiy, Secretary of NSDC Danilov He noted that due to the effect of the sanctions, Russia could not establish sufficient missile production and that their supply was exhausted because the Russian leadership did not expect a long war.

He spoke about this in an interview as part of a telethon.

“With the missiles, things are not as they would like, they counted on a short war. Today, the fact that they are returning to Iran for missiles confirms that they cannot establish their own production. Economic sanctions, in fact, began to work from the first days of the war, these sanctions are working. Of course, they are very quick. We want it to work, and it doesn’t work that way, but over time it becomes more difficult,” he noted.

Danilov said Russians change tactics to launch missiles at Ukraine There were frequent cases of their own missiles falling on Russian territory.

“All missile attacks, we know this for sure, part of these missiles are on the territory of Russia, that’s why today they are sending their missiles crossing a small territory of the Russian Federation (they change the path of movement – ed.) Recently it was Volgograd, as they say, there were other cases that did not fly . .and the detonations of these missiles will happen in the cities where they are located,” the secretary said. NSDC

Oleksiy Danilov noted that Ukraine has significantly strengthened its weapons thanks to its partners, and that is why the air defense mission shows such results today.

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“If you compare the situation we had in March, April, May, July and what is happening today, these two are completely different worlds. When they don’t trust us, they don’t give us enough high-quality weapons, but we get completely different weapons that were out of the question at the beginning of the war, and continue. Let’s get it, they’re completely different names, they’re completely different quality. It’s a completely different relationship with partners. We proved we can fight,” he summed up.

Missile attack on Ukraine

On the first day of full-scale war – February 24, 2022, Russia attacked Ukrainian cities with missiles. The rocket attacks have not stopped since then. Oleksandr Pavlyuk, Lieutenant General of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and Commander of the Kyiv Defense Forces and Methodology Group, explained. No air defense system provides 100% protection From missile strikes, everything depends on the mass of the strike.

Mykhailo Podolyak, adviser to the head of the presidential office, pointed out the possibilities of receiving Ukraine from the West. Tanks and missiles have a range of 100-200 km Also (this is about ATACMS).

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