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Only Ukraine knew about the counterattack ahead.

Oleksiy Danilov, secretary of the National Security Council, said Ukraine was deciding whether to launch a counterattack.

He said this while commenting to TSN journalist Andrii Tsaplienko.

“When some military action takes place at the front – our side knows about it, our side takes decisions, our army led by the commander, takes the final decision and the final version of our actions in a particular situation. .And one knows the date, knows the directions, the narrow circle of people involved. When you believe that you know more than … Now a lot of experts appear and explain things that have nothing to do with them. . A very limited circle of people is related to strategic issues, decisions are made taking into account all the circumstances that exist at that time, “Danilov explained.

It is not yet known when the counterattack will take place, but the secretary of the National Security Council insisted that the decision would be considered.

“There are many processes taking place in the world every day. We are not on another planet. Something that happens in the capital can affect us. We analyze, systematize and report to the Supreme President, the Commander-in-Chief. The decision will be made. It will be taken when it needs to be accepted. Today, (counter attack, – ed. ) No one can say tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, in a week. Other dates are named. This decision is a politician’s decision , a balanced one and will be accepted according to the laws of our state,” said Danilov.

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It is worth recalling that Danilov said that the Pentagon did not approach plans for a counterattack by the armed forces of Ukraine.

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