Dams are already being opened in the Pilsen area

Water managers are responding to warnings about what happened last weekend and early this week, as well as rain warnings expected to hit the region in the coming days. “On Monday there was a five-year flood above the Tacho, which was completely caught by the dam, and below it it was calm. Now we have to drop it again to make room for the weekend,” Pilsen Vltava river basin dispatcher Peter Vicenta told Novincom.

On Monday, 1.3 cubic meters per second flowed from Lucina, and by Thursday morning it was nearly nine cubic meters, a drop of almost one metre.

Water managers have been draining the largest dam in the region – Hracholusky na Mži – since last week, and the water level there has dropped by 1.3 meters in the past seven days, with the amount of water released exceeding the first flood stage. “We’re releasing fifty cubic meters per second, and that’s the maximum harmless discharge. It’s something to be prepared for in case something happens to the water bodies,” Vicenda said.

Meteorologists have warned that it will continue to rain. Valid till further notice


“Roosters” are also opened in the Slutis Dam, which is located in the upper part of the Stela or Klapava – which contains water from the Prada River of the same name. “We are getting down there at the maximum speed allowed by the operational regulations. It should be at the minimum operational level by Friday,” Vicenda pointed out. The water level in the upstream dam is also slowly decreasing.

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“For now, predictions of precipitation are a bit different, forecasting is complicated, and if pessimistic scenarios emerge, it could be a lot of water. The peak of the big rivers could happen until Sunday or Monday, which is a long way off – it would be pure speculation to say now what level the rivers will reach,” Vicenda concluded.

Rain falls, sometimes heavy and persistent


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