“Dagger”, “Zircon”, “Kalibri”, “Iskanders”: how many missiles were shot down by air defense during the powerful morning attack

Guardians of the Sky “Land” “Caliber”.

On the morning of July 8, the Russian army launched a concerted and powerful attack Ukraine Uses air, sea and land-based missiles. The Russians fired 38 missiles. Air defense forces destroyed 30 aerial targets.

about this reported Air Force Commander, Lt. Gen. Mykola Oleczuk.

Launched by the Russian Army:

  • One Aeroballistic missile Kh-47M2 “Kingal”;
  • Four Ballistic Missiles “Iskander-M”;
  • One Cruise missile 3M22 “Zircon”;
  • 13 Cruise missiles X-101;
  • 14 Cruise missiles “Caliber”;
  • Two Cruise missiles X-22;
  • Three Guided Air Missiles X-59/X-69.

Anti-aircraft defense managed to destroy 30 enemy missiles:

  • A Kh-47M2 aeroballistic missile “Kingal”;
  • Three ballistic missiles “Iskander-M”;
  • 11 cruise missiles X-101;
  • 12 cruise missiles “Caliber”;
  • Three guided missiles X-59/X-69.

“Another terrorist attack in a peaceful city. Ukraine is in mourning. Condolences to the families of the dead and victims.
The nations of the world should give a strong response to this crime. “There should be no discussion about whether it is possible to attack military facilities on the territory of Russia,” stressed Oleschuk.

We will remind you at about 10:00 A large-scale aerial alert was announced in Ukraine. Sirens sounded for over an hour and a half.

In the morning The Russian Federation launched a massive missile attack on Ukraine. Surveillance channels revealed the launch of MIGs, Kalibr cruise missiles and ballistic missiles in the Russian Federation.

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