Czech police have filed a case and are looking for Lucia. The tracks lead to Dubai

Police have been searching for 26-year-old Lucia Kremblova since May. People who know him say he was in a Dubai jail. The Czech Embassy in the UAE also knows that the woman is in Dubai. Czech police are also cooperating with local authorities.

According to acquaintances, Lucy has no luck in life. Her father is dead, her mother is in prison, and so is her brother. “We know Lucy is on a nationwide search, but she’s definitely not a bad girl,” he says. This time, he tries to help her.

Lucy was imprisoned in Dubai. According to those in the know, there has been no money for food and sanitation for three months. Already in September, Lucy should have been deported and her sentence completed, says an acquaintance. “She had the ticket bought by us and the last time we heard Lucia crying at the airport that she was arrested again, then we found out that she had fallen ill. We haven’t heard from her since then, which happened on October 5, 2022,” they said.

The woman should be in Al Aweer Jail in Dubai. Her acquaintances there also called several times. “We were told that her card is not available at this time. So we don’t know where she is,” they noted.

The wanted woman in the United Arab Emirates is being handled by the Czech Embassy in the country. “The consulate has been informed of the case of Lucie Kremblova, a citizen of the Czech Republic, who has been criminally prosecuted in the United Arab Emirates, and is following up on the case,” Consul Lucie Svobodova told “Due to the protection of personal data, the embassy is not authorized to provide you with any information about this case,” he added.

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The Czech police have registered a case and are investigating. “In the specified case, judicial cooperation with the standard international police and UAE authorities is taking place, and there is currently no information to disclose,” Police Presidium spokesman David Schon told Police have not disclosed why they are filing charges against Lucia.

A surprising conclusion to the hunt for the robber. The police found him in a German cell:

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