Comment: Betting eight billion on the post office’s survival is a big gamble

MPs and ministers once again had a good time at a parliamentary meeting dedicated to the check post situation. Basically, the debate was in the spirit of whether Babis or Fiala and the Austrians were to blame for the postmen’s bankruptcy. It is obvious that it leads nowhere.

The House of Representatives, representatives of this powerful sovereign and all the people, finally approved a resolution that “expresses support to the Government of the Czech Republic, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior Vid Rakusan and the Czech Post administration. A state-owned company, and in transition”. Such a resolution is tasteless trolling of the opposition by the majority of the ruling house, but it is also an example of where it leads when it calls for meetings, and competes in a verbal balance rather than trying to compromise.

If the situation in the House of Representatives is to match the situation in the real world, it would be very appropriate if MPs of all parties who have held government in the last thirty years sit humbly and shake their feet. Discusses status of check post. Possible texts in the lecture may be devoted to sharp self-criticism.

The fact is that the Post Office has been in bankruptcy since the 1990s. All government bodies, home ministers, their respective advisers, company managers and powerful trade unions play a role. The reluctance to adapt the Post Office to 21st century reality is very widely shared among political parties and social partners.

During a parliamentary debate, Industries Minister Joseph Sikela mischievously drew attention. Facebook registration From August 2019, then Prime Minister Andrej Babis. “So true. The old Česká pošta is dead,” says the then prime minister in “his” traditional Facebook style, whose representatives today accuse the Fial government of bringing the post office to ruin. And he marvels at the incompetence of numerous branches and managers.

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3,200 branches, maintaining jobs, increasing salaries, but at the same time reducing the number of correspondences and thus income, there is a need to invest in it. Such an equation simply doesn’t work,” writes Babiš in the 2019 edition. Quite aptly. The whole post-analytical thing isn’t bad and it names the real problems.

The problem is that Babis runs the post office as much as anything else in politics. That is, like a hammer. The post office came in handy when it became necessary to hang the head of the coalition’s own deputy prime minister and interior minister, Jan Hamasek. When the opposition bench to the sitting minister has to do the same, it is more appropriate. But, no solution was found.

On the other hand, during Babiš’s government under the baton of Hamáčk and with the participation of the then postmaster Knapp, a plan of changes was finally created (long before the parliamentary elections), which the Austrian has now pushed aside. So the savior behavior of today’s ministers who pretend to have found a cure for the ailing state institution is also not acceptable. The government’s relationship with mayors whose branches are being abolished is poor. The famous list of 300 “executed” was apparently slowly prepared and constantly changing, so mayors and citizens who were initially relieved that the Austrian ax had passed their branch suddenly found that relief was premature. May be. Unless it changes.

Well, the Austrian and his colleagues found the political courage to cut the mail. A proposed plan to split the business into two (one as a “universal service” and the other to compete in the parcel market) could work alongside hard savings (including branches and staff). But that is not necessary. It turns out that Check Post’s coma is very deep after all these years. And it would emerge as a small, government-subsidized postman, who would certainly not have three thousand branches and a five-day delivery duty, but stand for a much simpler form of “universal service.” Predators in the delivery market, who have spent the last quarter-century not devoting themselves to political maneuvering, but to growth, innovation and investment, would happily fight the rest of the body.

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Vit Ragusan is betting eight metamorphosed billions on the fact that more people can survive at the Czech post if the damage is properly repaired. There is enough money to have carefully analyzed data for its costs, however, it is not publicly available and reliable.

The problem of check post is so deep and persistent and threatens such problems that no political party has the right to place too much hope in solving it.

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