Calibers will never run out – analysts commented on the cynical statement of the Russian Federation –

How many more weapons did the Kremlin decide to show?

Russia has declared that it will “never run out” of Kalibr missiles, but is unable to defend its territory.

about this It is said In a report released by the Institute for the Study of War (ISW).

Earlier in the day, Russian troops launched another massive missile attack on critical infrastructure facilities in Ukraine. The Russian Defense Ministry commented on the shelling. They cynically claimed that the sea-based cruise missiles in the arsenal of Russian troops “will never run out.”

Analysts explained that this was the Kremlin’s response to Western news that the Russian Federation had indeed exhausted its stockpile of high-precision weapons systems in the wake of the massive attack on Ukraine.

According to ISW, a Russian campaign to break Ukraine’s willingness to fight back with massive missile attacks on critical infrastructure will fail.

The agency notes that on December 29, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov confirmed that Russia was not ready for real negotiations and recognized Ukraine as an independent participant in the negotiations.

Experts point out that the Kremlin continues to manipulate Russian law, giving the state ever-wider powers and using vague language to quell dissent and intimidate Ukrainian sympathizers.

What is known about the December 29 Russian missile attack on Ukraine?

December 29 The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation as a whole was fired upon Territory of Ukraine. As it became known, private houses were damaged in Kiev, and explosions were heard in Lviv, Kharkiv and Odessa. Air defenses have worked in some regions.

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Ukrainian air defense forces shot down Russian missiles over the capital, but the debris left three people injured. The lights went out in Odessa and Lviv.

OVA head Maksym Marchenko reported that 21 cruise missiles were shot down in Odesa area. According to Vitali Klitschko, 16 missiles were fired at the capital.

Russia’s Defense Ministry commented cynically Regular Shelling Territory of Ukraine December 29. The agency said the sea-based cruise missiles in the arsenal of Russian troops “will never run out.”

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