Both Babiš and Bašta are spreading false information in the presidential election campaign, Prime Minister Fiala said

“Disinformation, among others, is becoming a tool of struggle in the presidential campaign. Both Andrej Babiš, the leader of the ANO movement, and Jaroslav Bašta, the SPD candidate, are using them, which I regret, because they are constitutional officials and should not spread the truth among the citizens, distinguishing the truth from lies,” Fiala said. When responding to the interjection of ANO MP Radka Vondračka.

“For example, I’m talking here about the funny portrait that Andrej Babis spread on social networks, where government officials are said to support him. Of course, nothing like that happens. Or the letters that the ANO movement sends to its supporters, warning against the alleged actions of the government and promising to protect citizens from them,” the Prime Minister said. .

And he explained to MPs what the facts were as opposed to what YES was saying. “So, some of the things that the ANO movement sends to the citizens are the facts. Our government has raised pensions more than ever in the history of this country. Under our government, the average monthly pension has increased by 2.5 thousand crowns. That is a fact. We will continue to raise pensions. There is no threat to the elderly. Review of January pensions is being done, and there will be a further review later in the year. We can assure seniors that pensions will continue to increase, grow, and help them manage inflation,” said the Prime Minister and Chairman of the ODS in the House of Representatives.

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According to Vondráček, the government abuses disinformation and, under the guise of fighting hybrid threats, takes measures that threaten freedom of speech, tries to manipulate public opinion and suppresses undesirable information. Fiala expects the vice chancellor to be able to prove them. “The government will not curtail freedom of speech and will not suppress any freedom,” the Prime Minister declared.

“Unwanted information is not misinformation,” Vondráček responded to Fiel’s performance. Responding to this, the Prime Minister said that the claims about the government’s support for Babis in the presidential election were not unsolicited information but lies. “Performing here ten more times won’t change it,” Fiala said in the chamber.

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