Border guards detained a Russian man who swam across the Western Cape on a mattress to get to Ukraine.

A citizen of the Russian Federation swam across the Western Buck River to get to Ukraine.

Border guards detained a Russian near the Ukrainian-Polish border after he swam across the West Bug River on a mattress. of Ukraine.

about this informs DPSU press service.

The trespasser was intercepted by the Border Security Force as soon as he crossed the border.

The Russian, who allegedly lived in Ukraine for a long time, explained that after leaving the country he could not legally return.

Let’s remind the border guards detained in Transcarpathia A man hiding under a blanket in the back seat of a car.

Schemes for the illegal departure of men from Ukraine

Ukraine has been under martial law since February 24, during which conscripts are prohibited from traveling abroad. However, some still try to leave the EU illegally.

Recently, border guards arrested one The second time he tried to leave with false documents. The first time he bought fake documents for 3 thousand dollars, the second time he paid 20 thousand hryvnias.

Thai in the Carpathian region It made the 28-year-old “disabled”.It should be taken abroad.

Law enforcement officials in the Zhytomyr region exposed a scheme by smugglers to cross the border illegally. Men in a hurry They married and became parents of many childrenEscape to another country.

In Lviv, a local resident was caught promising smugglers $3,000 Enter fictitious data in the information system for seamless departure from Ukraine.

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