Beck receives more than a million in compensation from the Senate, which he does not attend

As Senate figures show, the upper chamber has 679 votes from 2022. Beck was absent with 520 votes.

“My participation in the Senate plenary session is determined by the overview of the government’s actions. The Senate, unlike the House of Representatives, did not set any resolution on Wednesday that would allow it to participate fully and in the government. The same is happening today when the government holds a meeting outside Prague,” Beck wrote to Novincom.

Senate meetings are usually held one to two days a month, on Wednesdays and Thursdays. The government meets every week on Wednesday.

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Beck, a minister since May 2023 and a senator since 2022, has not appeared at the plenum microphone once, and the upper chamber’s website says he has not recorded a single speech in the past two years. In his role as a senator, he has not introduced any legislation since 2022.

However, this does not prevent him from receiving hundreds of thousands in compensation, which will cover the costs associated with the senator’s work.

Last year, Peck was reimbursed more than $300,000 by the Senate as compensation for proven expenses for office rent and equipment. The services of Beck’s two assistants cost the Senate last year 628,000 crowns, and 199,000 were spent as compensation for proven expenses for professional and administrative work. He charged over 48,000 crowns for telephone and internet in the Senate. In total, he spent more than 1.1 million crowns in compensation last year alone.

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In addition to the senatorial changes, Beck also has ministerial changes

In addition to senatorial allowances, Beck also receives ministerial allowances for members of the government. In addition to a salary of 211,000 crowns, each incumbent minister is entitled to a monthly multipurpose flat-rate allowance of about 31,000 crowns.

In addition, each minister is entitled to reimbursement of proven travel expenses, meals on the road and lodging at the seat of the body in which they perform their duties.

Beck renews the topic of charging fees for higher education


As previously pointed out by MF Dnes, Beck draws 57,000 kroner a month in an apartment in Prague, but according to the newspaper he spends only three days a week in the capital, he regularly extends his weekends to Friday and Monday and spends them in Hazani. Near Brno. In mid-May, when the D1 highway was shut down because a truck trailer was on fire, he went to them in his ministerial pleasure vehicle and drove through the rescue route with a beacon.

Lukáš Vlček, the first vice president of STAN, has only good experience with Beka’s hard work. “He will participate in all necessary internal party meetings. Whether it’s a presidency, a national committee, or a professional body like a school board. “We organize trips to the regions, Minister Beck visits, for example, schools here in the Highlands,” he explained to Novincom.

However, according to Jakub Michalak, the head of the Pirates delegation, the innovation, which was to be presented by the Minister of Justice Michael Shalomoun, did not apply to the senators. “The Senate meets once or twice a month. The minister’s work can do that,” he told Novincom.

Beck’s term as senator ends this fall after six years. He will never run again. As Nowinki reported in February, Beck sought support for his candidacy from other government parties so they would not field candidates against him. However, he was not successful.

Minister Beck overtook the motorcade on D1 via the recovery route


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