Bartos has a negative drug test. “If you let it go, it’s fine,” says Babis

Pirates leader Minister Ivan Bartos passed a drug test on Monday with a negative result. Bartós published the test on the X network after the head of the ANO movement, Andrej Babiš, called it a “sniff symbol”. In the post, he recalled Babisch’s past as a “convicted liar” and called for ANO and SPD MPs to be put on trial. “If you leave it, that’s fine, I’m happy for you,” Babiš replied on the X network.

“Mr. Babis, you are a liar who has been convicted several times by court and should apologize for lying about pirates. You obviously want to do the opposite. Our agents are ready for drug tests, we have nothing to fear, after all, I don’t even drink alcohol, but sometimes I might have to talk to the drunkenly confused people in the room,” Bartos posted Friday.

In the contribution, the parliamentary club ANO and the SPD called for a trial. “Surely everyone is publishing the results openly. “Let’s talk about who has the “anal cocaine” that ANO likes to use the most,” Bartos said.

The reaction was first sparked by the comments of Jakub Michalak, head of the Pirate Club, who claimed that MPs from the ANO movement were behind the scandal after drugs were found in the toilets in the lower chamber. “Anyway, their chairman is a sniffy symbol. Certainly not us. “I’ve never had grass in my life, nothing,” Babis countered with the complaint.

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Bartós tested positive for drugs at the General University Hospital in Prague on Monday morning. “Can you apologize @andrejbabis for your shameless statements? The courts have recognized you as a liar many times, but I don’t want to argue with you about this because I have more important things to do. For example, the weekend torrential rain and the damage it caused,” Bartos added in a negative conclusion to the thread.

Photo: Ivan Bardos

“It’s great news that you’re clean. Pirates base their political existence on the legalization of certain drugs, the use of LSD or marijuana that you yourself have talked about in the past. “Your number two candidate for the European Parliament sings about how he’s looking for the best medicine,” Babis responded to Bardos’ post.

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