Babis is not a Zeman. There is no doubt that he was a failure from the start

From the moment the counting of votes in the second phase of the direct election began, it was clear who was going to win. It has already been pointed out that the time changes due to the three results of the municipalities first counted in the quarter.

In Lhotka u Radnice in Rokycansk, Miloš Zeman won decisively against Jiří Drahoš by six votes five years ago with 32 votes, with Zeman’s favorite Andrej Babiš getting a very close result this year. He received 25 votes, but that was only five more than his rival, Peter Pavel.

Andrzej Babis also lost in the Neumes constituency in Plzei-Zih district, where Zeman won with 54 votes five years ago. Pavel won fifty electors, eight more than his rival.

Already after half an hour of counting, when the results of fifteen percent of the constituencies became known, it was clear that the liberal candidate Pavel would not only win, but it would be by a sovereign margin.

General Pavel had nearly 54 percent of the vote, even if the results were counted so far in smaller municipalities where people generally prefer left-wing candidates like Babis. In the last presidential election, after counting the same area, the liberal candidate Jiri Drahos had 43 percent of the vote, and at the end of the count he improved his victory to 48.5 percent – Peter Pavel now took the decision with 58.3 percent. .

News List Predictions:

The former prime minister won 66 percent of the vote in the former county town of Horni Benesov in the Brundle region. However, Milos Zeman got eight percent more votes here last time.

At three o’clock the last hope of a tolerable conclusion was over.

Statisticians announced that Petr Pavel won 59.48 percent in Praskačka in Hradec Králové. It is one of the three municipalities whose first round results came closest to the results of the entire republic.

The new president is Peter Powell

In Horis, who successfully approached the overall result of the first round, this time Pavel had to be satisfied with 56.14 percent, but even that would have been enough for a sovereign victory. Slatiňany in Krutim, which always comes closest to the overall result, declared 58.38 percent for Pavel after the third hour. Looking at the overall results, it must be said that this time they confirmed their reputation in Slatinanie.

Pics of the way Bobbies lost it:

At a quarter to four, it became clear that the municipalities around Prague had never voted for Peter Pavel as clearly as now. More than 80 percent of Velka Suchla’s citizens voted for him, with Rostock and Jesenice below this threshold. Pavel’s turnout in Okora was close to 90 percent.

As expected, the final picture of a sovereign victory or great defeat was completed by the great cities.

Babis did not even have a quarter of the vote in Prague, and not even a third in Brno. Only in Pilsen, Liberec and Olomouc were things slightly better. Babiš can take solace in Ostrava beating Pavle by five percentage points in the Ostrava-jih housing estate, even eleven percent. However, he lost to the former general in Ústí nad Labem, the second largest left-wing stronghold, by two-tenths.

Election afternoon minute by minute:

Before four o’clock, the census revealed some unpleasant details to Babis.

Jamon’s favorite didn’t even stand a chance in the former mining center of Kladno, where he barely crossed the 40 percent threshold. In wealthy peripheral districts like Rozdělova, not even a third of the population voted for him, but he also lost among apartment dwellers in Kročehlavy.

The biggest housing estate in central Bohemia could account for the gains in the first round by not adding up to more than a few hundred votes in the finals.

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