Babis: Calf, meeting him was the mistake of my life. He accidentally put us in a group on EP

In an interview for, Babiš commented on the results of the European elections. He was satisfied with the gain of seven mandates, but unfortunately expectations of significant changes in the European Parliament itself, with the EPP’s People’s Party once again the largest faction, were not fully fulfilled. The so-called far-right and Eurosceptic parties have strengthened, the Greens have deteriorated, but the centrist coalition of European populists, socialists and liberals will continue to hold a majority.

“Unfortunately, the coalition of populists, socialists and liberals will continue to have a majority, and it will certainly be worse if Ursula van der Leyen, who actually built her victory on the Green Deal and destroyed European industry, is there,” Babis warns.

At the same time, the ANO movement is a member of the Liberals’ Renewing Europe faction, which, according to Babis, was a historical mistake by the then negotiator Pavel Teleka. “We got there by mistake, the bad negotiator Teleka took us there, he didn’t negotiate anything, it was the biggest mistake of my life, I met him, we even got there,” Babis laughed. .

“We are not there programmatically, but we are negotiating for strong positions there, because we have more representatives from the former ALDE faction, we have seven. In the renewal, we are in second place behind Macron, I think he has 12 seats or more. So we We will see, but we must follow the plan and if a new division is formed, we will see how it will turn out,” Babis added.

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For example, Viktor Orbán’s Hungarian Fidesz, which left the EPP’s populist wing a few years ago due to ideological defections, is not in any of the existing factions, and Robert Fico’s Slovak Smer, a member of the socialist wing PES, was last suspended. Year, not even for the same reasons.

Pavel Telička, former European Commissioner of ANO, refutes Babis’ words from the interview. Telička broke away from the ANO movement and now focuses on the change in ANO’s direction. Delica specifically responds to the words that it was his fault when he negotiated the entry of ANO into the Liberal faction and that it was an accident due to bad negotiations.

“Another lie of course. Yes, this is one of the conditions of my initiative and cooperation (along with the pro-liberal European project, candidate and others), but no coincidence, discussed and shared. “It was agreed during our negotiations with President Verhofstadt,” says Teleka.

“Andrej Babis is not only his political partners at any time, but this is another proof that the liberal program, voters and pro-European directions have been gone for years. It). Today, pure populists and opportunists, from whom Russians and unthinking sheep are very happy,” Teleka said to himself.

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