Austrian: Because of the postal election, we are able to spend some nights in the room

“The Czech Republic is one of the last five countries in the European Union where it is not possible to vote by post from abroad,” Pirates’ leader, Regional Development Minister Ivan Bartos told the House of Representatives.

In Germany, the letter option has even worked since the 1950s, the Pirates leader argues. The coalition government will encourage the Senate to adopt the proposal, which includes the possibility of a postal election. The Pirates chief said the Covid pandemic also showed its need.

Under current rules, Czechs abroad can only vote in embassies, which is time and financially expensive for compatriots living far from their residences.

“I will try to settle this debt to the Czechs abroad as soon as possible,” said John Lipavsky, Minister of State for Pirates.

The opposition SPD has a fundamentally negative approach to mail-in elections from abroad. Radim Fiala, head of the SPD delegation, previously said it was clearly unconstitutional because it did not guarantee a secret and equal vote.

A communications manager can remove illegal banners within days, Lochman suggested

On Tuesday, in the second reading, the representatives discussed the conversion of the current contributory body of the Directorate of Roads and Highways into a government agency of the same name.

Ondřej Lochman, a member of the STAN movement, proposed an amendment so that the communications manager could remove illegal banners from the roads in a few days.

“These changes will hit companies that break the law or skirt the edges of the law, thereby tarnishing the reputation of fair play,” Lochmann says.

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Upon request, the road management authority shall provide the administrator or owner with information as to whether the advertising device is on the road, on the side of the road or in the safety zone based on the permit. If the billboard does not have proper permission, the administrator or owner of the contact should remove it.

Delegates also discussed local tariffs

In the second reading, MPs also debated an amendment to regulate the assessment of local fees. According to him, spa towns can charge residential fees even in case of spa maintenance, which is fully covered by health insurance including accommodation charges.

A government delegation is trying to increase the upper limit of fees that municipalities can charge residents for municipal waste.

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