At night, enemy drones attacked Krivi Rih and Uman, civilian infrastructure was attacked

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On the night of October 1, the Russian military attacked Uman in Kryvyi Rih and Cherkasy regions of Dnipropetrovsk region with attack drones.

Rubrika writes about this with reference telegram Chairman of Dnipropetrovsk OVA Serhiy Lysak and Facebook Igor Taburets, head of the Cherkasy regional military administration.

We will remind you that tonight is October 1 in many parts of Ukraine A flight alert was issued. The Air Force of the Ukrainian Armed Forces has warned that the attack will be carried out by ballistic missiles and drones.

Krivi Rih

“At night, the enemy attacked Krivi Rih with drones. Unfortunately, civilian infrastructure was affected”Head of Division noted.

As Lysack declares, there is destruction.

A fire broke out – rescuers localized the fire“, he added.

In addition, according to the head of the OVA, the aggressor opened fire from Nikopol Heavy artillery. Hit and on Velikomykhailiv community Synelniky District:

  • Electricity line and gas pipe were damaged.

As Lysak promised, there were no deaths or injuries everywhere.


During the night, the enemy attacked our Cherkasy region in large numbers with attack drones. Unfortunately, the industrial infrastructure in Oman has suffered“, noted Taburets.

According to the head of the OVA, the fire broke out in warehouses, especially where grain was stored.

According to preliminary data, One person was injured. She was taken to the hospital.

According to the head of the region, liquidation of the effects is currently underway.

All specialized services work on site. Law enforcement officials have registered another crime committed by Russian terrorists“, noted the head of OVA.

We will remind you of that September 30 night Several explosions were heard in the area of ​​Vinnytsia, the work of air defense forces. The impact of an infrastructure object was recorded.

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Also, Russian occupation forces have again attacked southern Ukraine with Shahed-type drones. Launched the hard way.

Later it became known in Ukrainian The sky was cleared by anti-aircraft defenses 30 enemy attack drones.

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