Artist Stirska: Did Pavel see the Velvet Revolution? Why not sooner?! My father shot himself due to pressure from the regime

I remember how you marveled at the presidential election five years ago Aggressive anti-Jaman campaign People who consider themselves intellectuals, educated or elite of the country. How do you compare what’s happening in society right now and what the media is spewing these days?

During the last presidential election, I was shocked by the behavior of the “high-ranking” journalists, especially the insults and obscenity-filled vocabulary that was unusual until then. Even then I think they laid the foundation for the “thickness” and division of our society. Today, I seem to have no limits, for example Mr. Pavel Novotny, head of the ODS in Etzler, Shafr or Jesenice, Martin Long, mayor of Straka, and others. No one practically thinks about it, and their ways become the de facto norm. I worry about how far we go. They do most of the talking themselves, attacking their opponents, beating their chests like Democrats, and lamenting the divisions in our society.

Can the environment surrounding the third direct presidential election in history also be considered a failure of the media?

I was fascinated by the incredible, insane, media frenzy surrounding the promotion of the chosen, perfect candidate. And what scares me the most is that they don’t even pretend to be impartial. I don’t think it was that obvious before. Moderators now openly discuss with carefully selected “political scientists and analysts” what procedures and tactics their preferred candidate should use to win! Another recent gruesome example was an election fight on Czech television in which the referee Řezniček played a prominent role, which visibly incited hatred. Ironically, he acted like he was the one conducting the investigation and I missed the nice guy there!

I am not evaluating the qualities of the candidates, but the lack of favoritism is so obvious that it offends me.

After the first round of direct elections, the slogan “Prague and love must conquer all and hate” appeared in public, a reaction to Peter Pavel’s majority vote in the capital. Are people outside of Prague seething with resentment and therefore not voting for the mandated candidate, or do you see it a little differently?

I don’t know how people in rural areas understand this, I feel that many people from the cities, especially from our capital, are somehow intellectually superior and it’s like a stink. But it is no longer just an appearance – urban/rural distinction, there is an equation between the choice of a particular candidate and the voter’s intelligence, his satisfaction, success and externality, see the destitute – i.e. the bankrupt and the disillusioned, the disdain for health and dentists, which is ironic, tasteless and After all, it does not correspond to reality. In this way, they try to advertise and at the same time scare potential voters of an unadvertised candidate so that they too are not included in a similarly unflattering group. In other words, the media prefers “innocent” opinions about the educational level or place of residence of the voters in question, certainly based on their “relevant” research or polls. Mr. Tuna’s slogan is disgusting, again a sign that it comes from a journalist’s workshop!

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When I saw the month of March Project of Semaphore TheaterI found it on Sunday 26.3. Your show includes guests such as Zhitka Smutna and Michael Kokab. The latter told Czech Radio that it was not enough for the two candidates to distance themselves from their pasts for Prague Castle and that they should not run for office. regime, when a person who was a member of that organization wants to be the leader today. For refusing to support Petr Pavel, he received hateful attacks from the so-called Prague cafe, even his daughter Natalie had to defend him. On the contrary, he is not worthy of respect. That he had not changed his robeHow does that fit in, when many communists worship Communist intelligence officer and secretary Peter Powell?

Mr. I don’t know Kokaba personally, my gospel time parties programs are musical and entertaining, so I invite interested people to my programs without discrimination and their political affiliation. I mr. Looking forward to Kogab, he is a great musician, and above all what I can do about it. We will probably disagree on many things, but as far as his choice is concerned, I completely respect his decision, and in this case, on the contrary, I understand his consistency. How many more politicians have shouted “Communists have no business” now? The criteria of dualism, intolerance and anti-democracy are repeatedly used by those who profess to love God. We want freedom, and when we get it, we destroy ourselves. I do not understand.

When you moved from Czechoslovakia to the Federal Republic of Germany in 1981, Peter Pavel was preparing to defend the regime at the Military Academy, which he had only just promoted to head of the Communist Party’s basic organization. Two years later the Czech Republic in his category. Do you accept the claim that he carried over everything from the previous regime and became the head of a state where the people revolted against the regime with the support of Peter Pavlo 33 years ago?

In 1980 it was made clear that I had no chance of studying at university. My parents joined the Communist Party in 1948 with youthful enthusiasm, thinking, like many young people today, that the future would finally be fair to all, that all people would love one another, that the rich would happily give to the poor, the hardworking. For the lazy. Already in the fifties, they lost their illusions, only after about four years. They lived in a sub-community with the family of Ludwig Frejka, who was sentenced to death by the Communists in 1952, even with the help of his own son Tomas, who publicly demanded his father’s death in the newspaper! Some of the craziness of today’s youth and their parents’ choices is heartbreaking to me, and I hope history doesn’t repeat itself. At that time, leaving the party was almost suicidal.

How did your vision of pre-November society in Czechoslovakia evolve, which led you to leave the republic?

Throughout my childhood, my parents, unlike Paolo, explained to me what a crazy and depraved regime this was. After the invasion by the Allied forces of the Warsaw Pact – not only Russian troops! – Political trials were conducted and both my parents were expelled from the Communist Party for not accepting fraternal aid. My father was a pharmacy master and a soldier, he worked in the Central Army Hospital, and due to prolonged harassment and threats, he shot himself in 1972.

It is a mystery to me that only after the revolution did Peter Pavel understand the filth of the time. For someone raised in party consciousness for 30 years, I find it highly implausible that he saw it only during the Velvet Revolution. Why not sooner, why not later? Did someone explain to him differently and quickly?

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Peter Powell is suspected by a significant portion of the public to help Fialo’s government tighten the screws on our liberties. At the start of the Covid era, he told Czech radio that naming the US and its secret manufacturing in Chinese labs as the origin of the pandemic was blatantly false. At the same time, he demanded even harsher penalties for spreading them. A few days ago, both epidemiologist Roman Primula and biochemist Zdeněk Hostomský said that according to available information, the coronavirus most likely escaped by mistake from a laboratory in China, where the United States also participated in research. He was not really a soldier risk in accessing their freedom, can he sway public opinion from the highest office in the land? In the past, how do you feel about freedom in the Czech Republic, where you fled in recent years?

I am not vaccinated and I have not had a good experience with someone forcing me to do something with the help of bribery or intimidation. Good products usually sell themselves.

I have great respect for liberty and freedom of expression in particular. I was born in a time where you weren’t allowed to say what you thought, and I’d hate to die in it. The mantra of today’s “advocates of democracy” is still tossed about whether freedom of speech should be absolute. What does this mean? Of course! Exceptions exist in law, and freedom of speech is only one thing: either it is freedom, and absolute, or it is not, and then it is not freedom. I recommend the wonderful essay “Freedom of Thought and Speech” by John Stuart Mill.

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