Armed forces spoke about the situation in the occupied south – TSN exclusive –

The routes used by the invaders to draw reserves are under the fire control of the armed forces. Rotation is also complicated for the enemy.

Natalia Kumenyuk, head of the Press Center of the Defense and Security Forces of the OC “South”, commented on the mass roundup of aggressors-runaways conducted by the Russians on the territory of the captured part of the Kherson region.

He said this in a nationwide telethon broadcast.

Humenyuk stressed that the roundups would primarily affect local residents.

“The enemy is absolutely shameless in search of their fugitives, pro-Ukrainian residents and partisans. Barbaric working methods. They break into homes, search everything, look through gadgets. Now they are looking for the Russians, who realized that they have to find a way home,” said the representative of OK “Pivten”.

According to his information, the morale and psychological state of the enemy troops on the left bank of the Kherson region now resembles the state when expecting a powerful counterattack by the armed forces on the right bank.

“Aggressors suffer from ideological, psychological, and informational elements. Enemy exhaustion continues. In particular, Roads are under fire control, through which the invaders hoped to raise reserves. For them complex cycle“When they move units from south to east,” Humenyuk says.

According to our intelligence, as a rule, most fugitives – Newly mobilized Russians. Even before going to Ukraine, they often inform the Ukrainian side via chatbots that they do not want to fight.

“But we still cannot summarize the scale (of deserters from the ranks of the Russian army. – Ed.), because this phenomenon is beginning to unfold,” Humenyuk concluded.

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