“And the Czech Republic’s police are suddenly silent and a new dimension of Figo’s assassination.”

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“If there had been an assassination of a politician from the other side of the political scene, the reaction here would be fundamentally different, and everyone who mentions that it’s OK would be immediately prosecuted,” says Jindrich Rajchl of the PRO party to discuss the assassination of leader Robert Fitz and how those who condone it are approached at ParlamentnímListům.cz. . According to him, it is clear who is responsible for the radicalization of the attackers. Rajchal also focuses on the recent decision of the Constitutional Court on gender reassignment.


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Description: Jindřich Rajchl, leader of the PRO party in Wenceslas Square

After the assassination of Robert Figo, already recuperating in his apartment, there were many reactions, such as who bore his role, the hostile environment. How did you feel about it?


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For me, the most important thing right now is to see the different reactions in the public space and especially in our House of Representatives. In the immediate aftermath of the assassination, there were hateful comments supporting the attack or inciting attacks on other politicians, and the police practically did not respond. Let’s remember the situation after February 24, 2022, police chief and chief prosecutor Staris and everyone warned us that all manifestations of approving Russia’s entry into Ukraine will be prosecuted mercilessly, and police networks are boasting every day. They started prosecuting someone, so now the police is not active. They only told us that they are already investigating two cases. It was absolutely crazy because there were hundreds of disgusting reactions.

At the same time, it is socially more dangerous to endorse political assassination and call on others to do so than to endorse Russia’s war in Ukraine, because it might inspire another lunatic to do the same thing. A clear double standard within Czech politics. If a politician from the other side of the political spectrum had been assassinated, the reactions here would have been fundamentally different, and anyone who suggested it was right would be immediately prosecuted. This duality does not belong to our society and is beyond the scope of humanity. I consider it a degradation of the principle of democratic rule of law.

I am currently defending a person who responded on Facebook to a post about the trial of a Ukrainian who tried to rape and murder a fifteen-year-old girl in Pilsen. Someone wrote on the network that the Ukrainian deserves to be deported. My client wrote to shoot under it. Surely, he said, such a person deserves the death penalty. The police were immediately with him and he has been charged and is even under investigation. For talking like this about a heinous crime. The moment someone here endorses or incites similar actions, such as the assassination of Robert Figo, who has political views against the Alliance of Five, the corridors are quiet. Justice is already being lost in our country.

According to a poll for TA3 television, more than 61 percent of Slovaks believe that the activities and rhetoric of the opposition contributed to the massacre. On the other hand, its representatives publicly reject it. Your view?

This is what every rational thinker thinks, and the matter is fueled by an absolutely rabid hate campaign in Slovakia and here by the progressive opposition. We see it every day. Labels of Fico being Putin’s servant, even comparisons to Hitler, Ms. Nerud proved. It does not belong to politics, it logically intensifies society. What made Figo serious? By presenting his plan for Slovakia? No one can be serious. They are awkward excuses and an attempt to spring from responsibility. By the way, our House of Representatives refused to vote on a resolution condemning the massacre. Here is the answer! The answer comes as the House of Representatives rejects a resolution condemning Robert Figo’s assassination by five coalition votes. Yes, they instigated this situation, and I say I don’t believe a word of the obituary they put out, for the sake of not saying it. By their vote in the House of Representatives, they have shown that they refuse to solve the massacre in any way and want to apologize for it. I cannot recognize and accept this at any cost.

The constitutional judges’ decision that official gender reassignment does not require surgery led to strong public reactions. What will this trend lead to?

This is very deliberate and leads to the disintegration of the basic building block of our society, traditional marriage and traditional family. There is no other way to explain it. I immediately responded to this, and the Constitutional Court broke up a long debate about whether marriage should be called marriage for everyone and whether same-sex couples should be allowed to adopt children. The Constitutional Court overturned this with a single decision, playing on the legislator, who had no right to do so. This exceeded the jurisdiction of the Constitutional Court. He said nothing more than that today a same-sex person can marry and adopt children if he/she declares to be of the opposite sex without any surgical intervention. At the same time, it has been discussed here for many years and there have been huge protests in the Parliament. The role of the Constitutional Court is not that of the legislature. Mr. on election alliances. After the decision of the constitutional judges headed by Rychetsky, this is another significant intervention in our law, which in my opinion is unconstitutional. The Constitutional Court overruled the Constitution.

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Can a rapist officially change his gender to female and be considered incarcerated in a women’s prison? This has already happened in the West.

Very clear. Everyone will try to use this meaningless change to improve their position. This is actually happening abroad. For example, in the German army, women have a freer reign than men, so there is a massive increase in soldiers claiming to be women because they don’t have to work hard. I know the example you gave. I can guarantee that this is what abusers do to ease their punishment.

Am I mistaken or did the ODS and People’s Party who still call themselves conservative parties not protest loudly against this?

In my opinion, they are very happy with this decision. Indeed, they wanted it, but they could not secure it for their voters, especially the KDU-ČSL. They couldn’t raise their hand for same-sex marriage because they would lose the remaining voters who still vote for this dying party. They will wash their hands of the decision of the Constitutional Court and say that now that the Constitutional Court has decided there is nothing else. They don’t protest because it suits them best. They’ve gotten rid of the hot potato, and it’s the worst of the worst. If the PRO party wins the next parliamentary elections and we have influence in decision-making in our country, we will immediately try to block this change because it is against common sense. It’s about the decay of traditional society, which is complete nonsense. We want to kill this madness and we will not back down an inch.

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