Anatomy of a police dilemma: Do blind people work for security?

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We think of members of the Police Security Service as restless, bespectacled, reflexive and highly trained professionals who never let their guard down. But this cinematic illusion has been collapsing at breakneck speed in recent days.

It took three weeks.

It began with the assassination of Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico. Now we can add that the intervention of his bodyguards was a farce (I can’t get a single shot of a bodyguard out of my head, and after those shots, I can’t think of anything better than an ambush. A barrier separating the shooter from the victim, for example).

After the shocking incident, journalists rushed to the Czech police with questions about how the massacre would affect their work.

Hours after the shooting, the police presidium assured us that they were not underestimating anything. “We are closely monitoring the situation related to the attack on the Slovak prime minister, we are evaluating possible risks and adapting all measures regarding our protected persons and objects,” the spokesman of the Czech police headquarters, Josef Bokan, assured us. .

As my colleague Vojta Blažek has just documented, it’s a pointless media fog. Reality once again outstripped the ideas of the crazed screenwriters. Embarrassment – ​​there is no other way about it – is a ploy by the Police Security Service to monitor the security of high-ranking politicians. An intruder entered the Senate the day after the shooting in Handlova, Slovakia. A drunken man slipped into the living room without a smart card and then staggered across the corridor floor.

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They said they thought it was the cook.

The disoriented drunk can’t find an exit, so he jumps out the window. If the footage from the security cameras ever comes to light, we’ll definitely have a lot of fun. The police dismissed it as the failure of an individual – the security guard from reception.

Really? The day after the massacre, when the police chief issued strict measures and a public warning? Of course, it cannot be ruled out that the Senate Gatehouse was patrolled by a total slab. But should such a police officer serve in the security forces if he is to serve in the force?

In addition: after the arrest of the Senate intruder, they calculated an alcohol level of 2.5 per thousand in his blood, which is on the verge of severe drunkenness, manifested by slurred speech and a very rude gait. Did the trained guard’s eye spot anything suspicious enough to give the cook a good pat down?

I dare say such a guardian would be not only restless, but also blind. And the person who selected him for service must be professionally blind. Here we come to the most confusing part.

The same section downplayed another old incident. Someone was using cocaine in the toilets of the Chamber of Deputies (again, colleague Blazek’s discovery) and the administration of the Security Service was doing everything to throw the affair off the glass like white powder. So it will never be questioned who improved the mood during the night meetings.

Both stories from the castles of Malostron can be passed with an amused smile. It’s not about life. But in Slovakia, they probably thought politicians wouldn’t be shot. By the third Wednesday of May 2024.

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