After the election defeat, the looters are on the boil. Some members call for an extraordinary conference

The debacle in the European elections is fueling the pirate mood. Parties vote on whether to convene a National Piracy Council.

“After the resounding defeat in the elections to the European Parliament, when our electoral gains fell short of expectations and we won only one mandate, there are measures to help us analyze the reasons for the defeat,” explains the reason for the vote. From Brno Pirate Lukáš Doležal.

The party got only 6.2 percent of the vote and failed to secure three mandates from the last election. Only Vice President Marketa Grigorova will be in Brussels.

There are many reasons for voting on whether to hold a special meeting of the Pirates. The issue of trust in the party leadership, the evaluation of the campaign, the bad situation in the party and the planning of the next steps are to be resolved.

“The pirates don’t need empty phrases about pulling together (how many times already),” writes Dolzel.

Failure is not accidental

What happened to the party was no accident, he told Chesnam Spruvey. “This is the result of the developments since we competed with STAN in the 2021 elections. Ivan Bartoš must take over. He has been the leader for 13 of the 15 years of the party’s existence. Failure often goes to the previous presidency, so it must end.”

Meanwhile, the day after the election, Pirates leader and Regional Development Minister Ivan Bartos left for a week-long working trip to the United States, where he is set to meet with experts in digital technologies. “Unfortunately, he has not been interested in events in the party for a long time, he is not interested in ordinary members, he lives in his own world and is cut off from rank and file members. His reaction to the election results did not surprise me.

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Ivan Bartoš’s reaction is investigated by Seznam Správy.

The first dozen party members join the vote, with the proposal still holding a narrow majority.

A member of the Pirates from the Ústí region, Dalibor Záhora, said that the Pirates should have discussed the outcome of the municipal elections in 2022, but that did not happen.

“The trend of 2022 has now caught up with us in all areas outside Prague. It is too late to wake up and we are now in the position of questioning whether to plug the holes in the ships or jump on the boats and row to the nearest island,” Zahora wrote.

After the parliamentary defeat, when the Pirates won only four MPs in the electoral coalition with the Stan movement, the editor of Vok came up with the first proposal to recall President Bartós already in 2021. From the joint candidate list. He did not get much support then, with only 11 percent voting in favor.

How Election Night Was in Groups:

Analysis of European Election Results

Despite the victory of far-right parties, populists, socialists and liberals retained clear majorities in the European Parliament. Therefore, Europe should maintain basic directions, such as support for Ukraine or the fight against climate change.

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