A train hit a car in Slin, which hit a pedestrian at the crossing

The police said that the accident took place around 12.30 noon. “A forty-three-year-old female driver was driving a car in the direction from Slin to Odrokovice. She turned right and ignored the light and sound warning signs. She entered the crossing while a train was passing by. She was also driving from Slin to Odrokovice,” police spokeswoman Simona said. Kisnerova said.

Photo: HZS ZK, Law

Train crash on passenger car in Zlín.

After the collision, the car was thrown onto a pedestrian crossing, where it crashed into an 80-year-old pedestrian, who was taken to Zlín Hospital by paramedics with serious injuries. When they arrived at the scene, they found that the woman who had fallen down was injured, mainly on the face, and was conscious, but she did not remember the fatal moment of impact.

“The driver of the car did not sustain any visible injuries, but paramedics transferred him to the D. Bata Regional Hospital in Slin for examination in an accident ambulance,” said Gabriela Netophilova Slustikova, spokeswoman for the Slin Regional Medical Rescue Service. . Fifteen people were traveling in the train.

“The circumstances of the accident are now being investigated by traffic police and criminal investigators,” the police spokesman added.

Along with the police, other elements of the integrated rescue system, including firemen of the railway administration, went to the accident.

Photo: HZS ZK, Law

Train crash on passenger car in Zlín.

During the period of route restrictions, instead of trains, passengers can use public transport links, which are provided by the Zlín-Otrokovice Transport Company (DSZO) in the Zlín coordination. “Passengers on the section Otrokovice – Zlín střed will have tickets on DSZO trolleybuses,” said České dráhy.

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