A possible missile strike on January 6-7, 2023

The Russians have been attacking Ukraine for three consecutive days.

Russian occupation troops may fire Ukraine Before Christmas according to the Julian calendar, January 6-7.

The spokesman of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Yuriy Ignat, announced this on the broadcast of Channel 24.

According to him, the Ukrainian army is ready to repel the attacks of the enemy.

“We are expecting, we are preparing. You see three days of continuous attacks. We don’t know what they (Russians – Ed.) have planned there yet. We have to prepare for it. Dry the powder, as they say, the rockets are charged and the people are ready. There are,” Ignat said.

A spokesman for the Air Force of the Ukrainian Armed Forces emphasized that the Russians have not changed their aggressive intentions towards Ukraine and now it is about their survival.

“The question is their survival – not ours, but theirs. We will prepare and defeat all threats,” Ignat added.

Let us remind you that on December 24, Christmas Day, according to the Gregorian calendar (which we all use in modern life), the Russian army shelled Kherson en masse. The invaders opened fire during the day A few hours. A market, a shopping center, residential buildings, administrative buildings – the enemy attack was directed at civilian places.

According to the latest data, it is reported that 68 people were injuredAnd the number of victims reached 10.

On Christmas Eve, the Russians shelled Kherson again. Incendiary explosives were used. By Information Sources said houses caught fire and roofs partially destroyed. Fortunately there were no casualties.

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