A pedestrian has been hit by a car on the D1 before Prague, fleeing a robbery, and traffic has come to a standstill.

A car hit a pedestrian on the D1 highway outside Prague on Tuesday morning. According to police, he stole a car from a nearby parking lot and ran across the highway. “He suffered fatal injuries,” said Jana Postova, spokeswoman for the Prague rescue service.

Police said the case is being handled by the Crime Investigation Branch X Network.

And several cars collided causing an accident. According to updated information from the rescue service, there were two injuries at the scene, which were not life-threatening.

Traffic on the highway in the direction of Prague custody Stops, cars pass the gas station around the place. In the direction of Brno, the highway is smooth.

According to Website Traffic jams, long queues form.

4.5 Clash took place after 6.00 pm. Kilometers of the highway between the Brihonis and Sodov exits from the highway.

“According to preliminary findings, a person was hit by a vehicle while crossing the highway. He then took off in the opposite direction, resulting in collision with other cars,” police said in the morning. X Network. “Criminal officers are also at the scene as we are working on information that the man ran across the highway after fleeing a car break-down in the parking lot,” police said later.

Rescuers initially reported three more injuries, but later They said, they eventually took two patients away from the crash site. A sixty-year-old woman and a man of the same age sustained chest injuries.

Prague firefighters X Network They responded to an accident involving five cars and a truck on T1.

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